East Cobb Doctor Wins Kayak Race

Chiropractor Dan Batchelor captured the Back to the Chattahoochee event on Saturday.

Dr. Dan Batchelor, an East Cobb resident and Roswell chiropractor is the overall winner of the 2012 Back to the Chattahoochee eight-mile Kayak Race that was held on Saturday.

Several hundred racers from around the South gathered for this yearly event. Batchelor outclassed his competition with a time of one hour and 17 minutes, placing him several minutes ahead of the second place finisher. His time was the fastest time among all the racers in the race that began at Gerrands Landing and finished at Riverside Park.

He said the secret to his success was training with his dog Cameron on the bow of his kayak. "Fifty pounds of extra weight on my kayak allows me to get stronger and faster. My dog loves the ride also."

Batchelor has won more than 350 endurance races including the Subaru Challenge Triathlon and was the overall winner of the Atlanta Six Flags Half Marathon. He was ranked No. 1 in the Georgia State Championship Mountain Bike Race Series XC-GM in July 2010 and is a six-time overall winner of the Roswell Road Race. 

He is also an actor in an upcoming movie “Against the Wind,” to be released into theaters soon. Batchelor is a supporting actor playing the part of a fighter pilot who later becomes a Federal DEA undercover agent sent to eliminate leaders of a major opium organization.

The movie was filmed in the jungles of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Malaysia, the mountains of North Carolina and the everglades of Florida.

octavia June 13, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Way to go dr bachelor
spike! June 13, 2012 at 04:08 PM
But Doc, whatca doin in your spare time? Most impressive, and an inspiration to us all...methinks you belong in Guiness...truly a phenominal individual. And, no, I've not forgotten about the scooter...just allowed myself to get distracted. Oh, you'll be pleased that since the first of the year I've been cycling daily on the greenway, and am up to about 1.6 hours per outing, covering about 28-34 miles...and note this is on my little "tank", a 35# mountain/cross bike...just bought a new road bike(about 18# with the 105 grupo), but haven't found time to get it unpacked and assembled...however, once operable, I am expecting considerable improvement in both speed and distance...am thinking about trying my hand at some "racing", but, we'll see. SPIKE!


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