What Do You Think About Cobb School Budget?

Now's the time to try to influence the Cobb spending plan for fiscal 2013.

The Cobb County Board of Education's passage of a  was far from the final word on school spending for next year.

The 6-1 vote was largely procedural to meet legal requirements for notifying the public about the plan, but the school board can make changes until it enacts the final plan May 17. You can play a part in the process.

The has created a website devoted to educating the public about the proposed budget, which runs from July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013, and projects an enrollment of 106,591 students.

How would you balance the Cobb school budget? Tell us in the comment space below.

The closes a projected $62.5 million deficit by increasing class sizes by an average of two students, reducing the number of teachers by 350——furloughing employees for five days, cutting the school year to 175 days from 180, making library paraprofessionals part-timers, delaying step raises by half a year, and spending $21 million of reserve funds, among other actions.

Post 5 board member David Banks, who represents the district, cast the lone vote against the budget. He said the budget can be balanced without any furlough days or cuts to teachers by tapping the school system's $100 million reserve fund.

Post 4's Kathleen Angelucci voted for the plan but joined a call for district Chief Financial Officer Mike Addison to present an alternative May 9 that uses only three furlough days and restores parapros in elementary school libraries to full-time statuts.

Those changes would cost more than $7 million: $6.1 million for the two unfurloughed days; $400,000 for transportation for two more school days; and $590,000 for the parapros.

The school board will hear public comments on the budget at 7 p.m. next Monday at the Central Office before discussing changes at a at 8:30 a.m.

You also can provide feedback on the budget website, as well as comment in the space below.

The board will approve the final budget at its .

Georgia Dixie Girl May 02, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Are you kidding me? This school board has proven over and over again that they don't listen to the students, employees or the taxpayers. I'm not wasting my time giving them one minute. I will be focusing my time on voting them out and replacing them with someone who listens.....
thrasher64 May 02, 2012 at 12:59 PM
I say no, no more tax hikes! The county is gouging me with tax increases. My mortgage went up, even my car tag renewal I got yesterday went up...when they typically decrease each year!! Everyone in government needs to ge a clue that we have been taxed enough. I also learned recently, that Cobb county gives "monies" to other "poverty" counties in GA for education. Sorry, but I have my own bills to pay and I am not rich enough to pay for a additional counties' education!!!
Concerned May 03, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Why is our millage rate 18.9 when we have a budget deficit? It should be 20 so we can pay our bills. Education is vital. How can our kids compete if you decrease the length of the school year? If a good education is important to you, then you must fund it! Cobb has less waste than any other metro county. Put money into the schools now so you don't have to put money into the jails later!
thrasher64 May 03, 2012 at 01:42 PM
you gotta be kidding me? Your millage rate is 18.9??? What part of town do you live in? I am paying 30.26!


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