Lassiter Renovations Almost Complete

The two-year upgrade should be finished before the new school year, with occupation by August.

Students returning to for the 2012-2013 school year will be greeted by the sights of a new theater, media center, and parking areas, part of a massive renovation project paid for by SPLOST dollars.

"Lassiter is going to become the 'Crown Jewel' of the ," said the district's SPLOST Director of Program Management and Accountability Glen Brown.

Changes to the school include modifying the existing administration areas, updating the HVAC systems to current standards, new lighting, and repaving the parking areas. Modifications to the traffic pattern will also be included in order to acommodate the new theater.

The project began in February, 2010 with the appointment of an architect to design the new Lassiter. Construction began in May, 2011 and is now "substantially complete." According to Brown, there will still be minor work needed to complete during the school year, but that the entire renovation should be finished by Christmas.

According to Brown, the building will be able to be occupied in August, in time for the new school year. So far, the project has cost $10.6 million, but is slated to come in on time and on budget.


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