East Cobb Students Beat Iowa Test Average

Students in the third, fifth and seventh grades were tested last fall.

Mt. Bethel third- and fifth-graders scored in the 87th percentile nationally in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Photo: Cobb County School District
Mt. Bethel third- and fifth-graders scored in the 87th percentile nationally in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Photo: Cobb County School District
The Cobb County School District on Tuesday released results of the latest Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and students averaged better scores than their peers nationwide. 

According to a summary of the results (full release here), Cobb students in the third grade scored in the 59th percentile nationally. 

This means that their scores equalled or surpassed the scores of 59 percent of all third graders around the country who took the test. 

In the fifth grade, the Cobb composite score was in the 63rd percentile, while seventh graders in Cobb who took the test scored in the 61st percentile. 

The CCSD said those numbers are comparable to previous results in the ITBS.

Students at East Cobb schools had some of the highest scores in the district, with grade-wide composite scores in the 80th percentile or higher in 11 elementary and middle schools. 

Six other schools reported composite grade-wide scores in at least the 70th percentile.

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills tests students in those three grades in five areas -- English, language arts, math, science and social studies -- and compares their scores to their grade peers across the United States. 

Cobb officials say the test results are used to help identify core educational skill areas that may need improvement before the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests are administered in the spring. 

The highest grade in Cobb is a 66th percentile result for fifth graders in language arts and a 64th percentile score in seventh grade language arts. Fifth graders scored in the 63rd percentile in science. 

Here's a summary of the composite scores for East Cobb-area schools: 

Elementary Schools

The first score is the third grade composite, followed by the fifth grade composite: 

  • Addison -- 64, 63
  • Bells Ferry -- 65, 61
  • Blackwell -- 66, 60
  • Brumby -- 40, 57
  • Davis -- 79, 75
  • East Side -- 81, 80
  • Eastvalley -- 73, 68
  • Garrison Mill -- 81, 73
  • Keheley -- 84, 83
  • Kincaid -- 71, 75
  • Mt. Bethel -- 87, 87
  • Mountain View -- 76, 75
  • Murdock -- 79, 79
  • Nicholson -- 63, 62
  • Powers Ferry -- 35, 41
  • Rocky Mount -- 69, 72
  • Sedalia Park -- 60, 57
  • Shallowford Falls -- 84, 77
  • Sope Creek -- 85, 86
  • Timber Ridge -- 86, 81
  • Tritt -- 84, 81

Middle School

The following are composite seventh grade scores: 

  • Daniell -- 61
  • Dickerson -- 85
  • Dodgen -- 85
  • East Cobb -- 49
  • Hightower Trail -- 84
  • Mabry -- 75
  • McCleskey -- 66

For more highlights of the test results, and for detailed school-by-school scores, visit the Cobb County School District website
M Greenfield January 21, 2014 at 10:18 PM
So if my student brings home a score of 59 or 61 on a test where 100% is possible I should be HAPPY?? Since when is "just above national average" something to be happy about? As long as we accept mediocre achievement that is all we will ever achieve. Sad!
Laura January 22, 2014 at 08:03 AM
I have had two children that have gone through the MB/Dickerson/Walton school system , and my third child is currently at Dickerson. We moved here for the schools and I'm very glad we did. My daughters are both at KSU and are doing excellent. They both tell me that they felt very prepared for college. I was very pleased with my sons individual IOWA score. I am not sad in the least. I'm Actually very happy that my children are getting a excellent education that promotes further education! We have high educational standards in our home, and the standards are only more strongly implemented with our wonderful educators in this school system.


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