Cobb School Rebuild Decisions Delayed Again

Mountain View Elementary parents renewed their pleas for a new facility on Wednesday, before the school board held off on voting.

A leaky classroom ceiling at Mountain View Elementary School.
A leaky classroom ceiling at Mountain View Elementary School.
Before Wednesday's Cobb Board of Education work session, a parent leading efforts for a new facility at Mountain View Elementary School distributed new pictures of leaky ceilings at the Northeast Cobb school. 

And several Mountain View parents pressed the board once again to include their school as one of two elementary schools to get replacement facilities with newly collected Cobb Education SPLOST IV funds. 

But for the second time in as many months, the board delayed taking a vote. 

On Wednesday afternoon, after a lengthy executive session, board chairwoman Kathleen Angelucci said the board needs more time to consider the matter.

Angelucci didn't elaborate, and didn't indicate when any action may be scheduled. 

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Last month the board pushed back action after receiving "an extensive amount of new information" about the potential projects. 

On the new SPLOST IV project list are replacements for two elementary schools, costing $23 million each. 

Parents at Mountain View and Brumby in East Cobb, as well as Harmony Leland in Mableton, have been most vocal in demanding replacement schools. 

East Cobb board member David Banks has proposed merging Eastvalley and Powers Ferry in East Cobb, but parents in both school communities are adamantly opposed.

This morning, East Cobb Patch received photos sent by Mountain View parent Karin DeAmicis of water and moisture problems at the Sandy Plains Road school, which was built in the 1960s. 

Parents have long complained the building poses health and safety problems. 

Here's a portion of what Mountain View parent Krissy Carlson, a former Cobb school teacher, told the board this morning:

"We need a building that is safe for students. A building free of mold, a building where students can move through it without getting rained upon, a building where they don’t have to cross through the parking lot where the loading dock is located.

"This is one of my biggest concerns as a teacher when I sub. I stand in the middle of the parking lot to ensure the beginning of the line makes it to the sidewalk and the end of the line is out the breezeway door to ensure they are all out before any cars drive through the parking lot.

"Our parking lot is not safe. I don’t experience car line. Because of its dangers I make my children get up at 6:00 every morning to ride the bus. But I know others have shared the evidence of the dangerous scenarios that happen in the parking lot and on Sandy Plains Road.

"I know you all have heard our motto 'Our school is gold but our building is old.' And it’s the truth -- our teachers are amazing and make the best out of the environment in which they are given to teach." 

Michelle Sollicito January 16, 2014 at 01:46 PM
I am very nervous about this delay in the vote. Especially as David Banks asked some very pointed questions of the Budget Auditor yesterday - like how much Capital do we have to use as collateral if we were going to take out a big loan? And his statement that shortly followed this was "We could 'in theory' close a number of schools" given the numbers.. this made my blood run cold given that he has this STEM Campus idea up his sleeve - he has told a number of people privately but no big public announcement - I wonder whether the delay is so that he can put together the pieces of his plan for a STEM Campus to replace EastValley and Powers Ferry with a new Elementary School, East Cobb Middle School with a new STEM Middle School and possibly even rebuild Wheeler again as part of the STEM Campus. If this really is his plan I call on him to go public and tell us the details, because although in theory it would be great for me personally to have my kids go to STEM schools all the way through, I have big concerns about what it does to the local community, teachers etc.
Michelle Sollicito January 16, 2014 at 01:48 PM
See http://www.useducationtv.com/main.aspx?sid=7976&pid=55837 from about 19.00 onwards for David Banks asking about Capital for potential borrowing collateral At 43.00 David Banks suggests we could "in theory" close schools http://www.useducationtv.com/main.aspx?sid=7976&pid=55837
Michelle Sollicito January 16, 2014 at 01:48 PM
See https://www.facebook.com/groups/fundcobbschools for more info


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