Cobb School Board Delays Censure Talks

A proposal to take action against newly re-elected member David Banks will resume in September.

The Cobb Board of Education was supposed to discuss a possible censure measure against one of its own members on Wednesday, but that move has been postponed.

Board member Kathleen Angelucci, who last month , asked for the delay so the full board could take up the matter. 

Fellow board member Lynnda Eagle was absent from Wednesday's regular work session. A discussion of the options facing the board has been put on the agenda of its Sept. 12 work session.

"If this board does vote to proceed" with a motion to censure, Cobb school board attorney Clem Doyle said during the meeting, "I would recommend that it be confined to the issue at hand, in order to be fair to all."

Angelucci, who represents Post 4 (the Kell, Sprayberry and North Cobb high school districts), wants to censure Banks for what she claims is a range of unethical behavior stemming largely from his recent re-election campaign. 

Banks barely won for the Post 5 seat in East Cobb (Wheeler, Pope and Lassiter high school districts) without a runoff. There is no Democratic opponent in November, so Banks will begin serving a second four-year term in January.

In her accusation, Angelucci said he improperly contacted school officials at Lassiter to inquire about school-related activities there involving Lisa Hanson, one of his political opponents. Her daughter is a Lassiter student, and Hanson lashed out at Banks, alleging he violated her privacy

Angelucci also said in her initial complaint that Banks violates board policies by showing up at schools unannounced and attending staff meetings. 

Banks, who was silent on the subject during Wednesday's work session, has called Angelucci's claims "a bunch of garbage."

But he admitted in his own e-newsletter in early July that he spoke with Lassiter officials about Hanson.

The unprecedented action by Angelucci presents a variety of possible scenarios for the school board to consider, depending on the nature of her motion. 

Doyle said a request to hold a hearing to consider formally censuring a fellow board member would require a two-thirds majority, or five of the seven board members. 

That's one reason he said such a move would be "extremely rare. This is pioneering territory." 

Emily T August 08, 2012 at 10:32 PM
I was added (unsolicited) to his email list last year. I have no idea how he got my email address either. I'm not even a registered voter. I found it completely unethical, not to mention distasteful in one of the last email blasts I received before unsubscribing that he used his  SPAM email list to solicit for a renter for a beach condo he apparently owns. 
Frank August 08, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Post 5 Gut check: Banks opposed the district's strategic plan, yet he stated in his MDJ voter guide that "the proposed Plan is preferable since it is more compact in its objective." There are some other beauties in that voter guide: Banks irresponsibly supports drawing reserves down to zero by using “Unassigned Fund Balances to eliminate any deficit until the Funds are eliminated." Banks states that "in-house" SPLOST management makes it easier to "alter direction and scheduling of Projects." Does he mean doing something other than what voters approved? Banks forecasts that the district will see a drop in test scores in 1 to 2 years because of ADMINISTRATIVE CUTS in 2010. Huh??? So, is Banks suggesting that we spend more on administrative services to boost test scores? Banks doesn’t think that the Board should become too involved with academic issues. If that is the case, then why is he constantly in the classrooms? He states that "Post 3 educational needs are not the same as Post 5." Really??? So much for equality Mr. Banks. What exactly does Banks mean? Ask him! Seems he might be on a segregation pathway. One might guess that is why Banks also supports the idea of creating School Improvement Districts (SID's as he call them which conceivably would be similar to the Cumberland Community Improvement District, a CID). Note to Banks - Board members are bound to represent the entire district, not create their own.
Jack S August 09, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Let's add the constant public accusations and insults towards his fellow board members. I don't know how any of them could stand to be in the same room .
dana August 09, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Mr. Banks never failed to show up at the Hightower and Pope parent meetings I've attended. However, when I made numerous attempts to reach him with a concern, he completely ignored me. I even wrote him an email expressing my frustraton and disappointment about his lack of response, and he never replied. Apparently, his focus is not on the people who elect him.


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