AP Honors For East Cobb Schools

Pope, Walton and Wheeler have earned multiple Advance Placement designations by the Georgia Department of Education.

East Cobb's public high schools have earned multiple designations from the Georgia Department of Education as Advanced Placement Honor Schools. 

The announced Tuesday that , and were among the 15 county high schools to receive the designations, which are awarded based on increasing access to "rigorous AP coursework."

Pope and Walton were named AP Merit Schools for having at least 20 percent of students taking AP exams and with 50 percent of all AP exams earning scores of 3 or higher. 

Pope, Walton and Wheeler are all AP STEM Schools for having students testing in at least two AP math courses and two AP science courses.

And all three were designated AP STEM Achievement Schools for having students testing in at least 2 AP math courses and 2 AP science courses and at least 40 percent of the exam scores on AP math and AP science exams earning scores of three (3) or higher.


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