Terrell Mill Village Is Reborn

Can the recent opening of L.A. Fitness Center spark greater community redevelopment in the Powers Ferry Road corridor?

When the Powers Ferry Road Master Plan was completed last year, L.A. Fitness wasn't on the radar. 

The county-appointed committee, which included significant citizen input, targeted the largely-empty Terrell Mill Village Shopping Center as a key for the area's commercial renewal. 

L.A. Fitness, which specializes in building in redeveloping areas and had a nearby location on Akers Mill Road, became the first notable major business to move into Terrell Mill Village when it opened its doors last month. 

But as the grand opening celebration continues, community and business leaders are hopeful it will serve as a linchpin for further redevelopment. 

"I think it can be," said East Cobb commissioner Bob Ott, who pushed for the creation of the Powers Fery Master Plan project in 2009 (see attached PDF). "I've always felt that if we could get something like that, we could get the whole area."

What do you think of the redevelopment of the Powers Ferry Road area? What new businesses, services and amenities would you like to see there? Tell us in the comments. 

Another major business will be moving into Terrell Mill Village in April when Christos' Pizza, a well-known restaurant in the area,  Kouzina Christos. 

Openings of new restaurants have preceded the corridor project. In June 2010 the Rose and Crown Tavern opened on Powers Ferry in an area of abandoned restaurants just south of Windy Hill Road. 

And last fall, across from Terrell Mill Village, the  opened, adding to the area's collection of Brazilian eateries. 

At his last week, Ott stressed that Terrell Mill Village's developers, Houston-based Realm Realty Co., could have saved $1 million with the commission made last week to the county code. 

Dawn Benton February 23, 2012 at 05:57 PM
As a seven-year resident of the area, I am thrilled to see the Terrell Mill Development; however, a lot more is needed to bring area home values up. It is a great area, convenient to major interstates and good area schools but it has taken far too long for developers to realize what is needed to make a big impact. First, there is a lack of nice restaurants, cafes and shops. I love that Rose and Crown opened but we need more. Developers need to know that many families live in the area so there is a market for nicer places beyond the office workers that frequent local establishments M-F. When we get tired of going to the same restaurant over and over (which happens when you only have a few to choose from), we then have to spend our money in other East Cobb areas like down Johnson's Ferry where they have done a great job of developing for the families. I'd love to see a Yogurt shop (like Yogli Mogli), a bagel/sandwich place like Panera and a few nicer dinner places or even chains like Chili's and more. The economy is picking up and folks are willing to spend their money--just would be nice to be doing it closer to home. Again, I think it is a good start but unfortunately it is going to take a long time to get where it needs to be to meet the full potential of the area. Thank you!


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