Taxes, TSPLOST On Candidates' Minds

The three Republicans challenging Cobb Commission Chairman Tim Lee took issue with his stances on both at Wednesday's forum in East Cobb.

For the , the four Republicans running for Cobb Commission Chairman sounded off on what appears to be the most pressing issues during their two-month primary campaign -- property tax increases and the upcoming TSPLOST regional transportation referendum. 

In a Wednesday forum at the  sponsored by the East Cobb Civic Association, the three challengers to incumbent Tim Lee all took aim at his vote last year to raise the county millage rate. They also questioned his general support for the TSPLOST referendum, which is included on the July 31 primary ballot. 

Former chairman Bill Byrne, Mike Boyce and Larry Savage, who ran against Lee in 2010 in the Republican race to succeed Sam Olens, all said the property tax increase was an affront to Republican values. 

Lee defended his vote as fiscally necessary given Cobb's economic situation and suggested that "no is not an option. No is moving backward."

There are no Democrats who qualified to run for commission chairman. 

Also invited to the forum was District 2 commissioner Bob Ott, a Republican nearing the end of his first term. He is unopposed in the primary and the general election and will continue serving East and Southeast Cobb. 

The candidates were asked about a variety of other issues in written questions from the audience, including possible future budget cuts, solutions for Cobb's aging senior population, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce's role with county government and cooperative efforts with other metro Atlanta jurisdictions. 

More on those topics and others from The Marietta Daily Journal

William Good May 31, 2012 at 08:30 PM
I'm excited that this referendum is on the minds of many and is getting debated. I however, just realize from personal experience how this referendum can aid us. Lee is right, we have to move forward and invest in our road systems.
Ben W. June 01, 2012 at 03:20 PM
The candidates need to listen to Erick Erickson: "I believe the Georgia Department of Transportation is an unrepentant cesspool of greed and corruption used by lawmakers and other politicians to buy friends and win influence. Every few years, a new report comes out that GDOT has underfunded projects, unaccounted for demands for money, and is otherwise in disarray. The few times our politicians have sought to clean up the cesspool they have sent in reformers who have been defeated, smeared and tossed out with their reputation in tatters only to be replaced by good old boys who have perpetuated the system." Do you trust GDOT? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfiuVHxJJhY
Greg T June 01, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Hey, since some believe politicians do such a great job with our money...why not give them all or our money? Here's their logic. We have a problem. Ignore all the warning signs of how the money is currently spent. Don't demand accountability, and somehow believe that this time, more money will suddenly solve our problems. We don't need no stinking plans. Simply trust and obey. Blind faith in government. No wonder there is massive corruption and misuse. No accountability required.


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