TSPLOST Failed, What's Plan B?

Voters have rejected TSPLOST, but traffic congestion is still a major problem in Cobb and Metro Atlanta.


TSPLOST has failed. So, what's next?

In Cobb, the transportation referendum received a "no" vote from roughly 70 percent of voters. However, many had various reasons for voting no. Voters in all the other 10 counties included in the Metro Atlanta TSPLOST rejected the referendum as well.

Throughout all the debates, forums and rallies, the one thing TSPLOST supporters and opponents agreed on was that something needs to be done about the transportation problems in Metro Atlanta.

It's just that no one has decided exactly what that would be.

There are several reasons for voters' opposition to TSPLOST:

Most people just didn't want any more taxes, especially during this economic downturn.

Some like Ron Sifen, a transportation activist and Vinings resident, supported the concept of TSPLOST, but not the project list.

Others, such as former Cobb Chairman candidate Mike Boyce, wanted to wait until Cobb completed its alternative analysis study before voting for the transportation tax.

Additionally, others felt like the TSPLOST simply would not benefit their community. District 4 Commission Candidate Lisa Cupid said, "Just because jobs are coming (as a result of TSPLOST) doesn't mean jobs are coming to us."

The Georgia NAACP said the transportation tax would not benefit minority- or women-owned businesses.

Now that TSPLOST has failed, what's Plan B? What are your suggestions and ideas for improving traffic problems in Metro Atlanta? Tell us in the comments below.

For any and all of these reasons, it failed, so what's Plan B? Is there a Plan B?

Various elected officials, organization leaders and stakeholders claimed there was no Plan B to TSPLOST. Politifact Georgia deemed that claim to be "mostly false" in a recent assessment.

During a July 23 TSPLOST forum in East Cobb, State Rep. Ed Setzler, who chairs the Cobb delegation, said, "We can come back in two years with a project list that's worthy of our support."

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) said flat-out, "There is a Plan B."

The Atlanta TEA Party and Sierra Club have already drafted a plan B, which includes allowing local governments to form fiscal partnerships with GDOT.

Sifen wrote in a recent Marietta Daily Journal column that Plan B must begin by "establishing sensible criteria." One of his criterion was, "Regional road projects must be designed to reduce commute times in corridors that serve at least 60,000 car trips per day, and where traffic flow is impacted for at least 5 miles."


What criteria would be needed for you to vote for a TSPLOST Plan B?

Brent Ferguson August 08, 2012 at 08:07 AM
Ga DOT has misspent millions, why institute a tax to give them more? Government will never spend your money as wisely as you can. Please vote down any tax that 1> won't be spent on something important to you or 2> doesn't have an ironclad termination. Remember the tax that used to be on your cell phone bill? The one that was intended to fund the Spanish American war? Politicians like to take your money, getting them to stop doing it can take more time than you think. http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/telecom/2006-05-25-phone-tax_x.htm
Brian August 09, 2012 at 05:30 AM
John: Get rid of Cumberland businesses and then see how much your property taxes increase. You seem interested in biting the hands that feed you.
Brian August 09, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Baltimore-DC is worse for through traffic and I don't see their highways getting converted to HOT-only.
Brian August 09, 2012 at 05:36 AM
EL need not be monorail. Monorail's problem is that it isn't compatible to run on other tracks. It is also not upgradeable to heavy rail without doing it all from scratch.
Chris P. August 09, 2012 at 11:22 AM
Plan B? Remember that the proponents ran their campaign on the premise that "there is no plan B." If we didn't pass the tax, businesses would move out, hordes of angry citizens would converge on U-Haul rental shops to head for Charlotte, and tumbleweeds would be blowing through downtown. So there is no plan B ... unless the proponents were just lying.


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