Nearly 400K Cobb Residents Registered to Vote in July 31 Primary

But see why that number may change slightly in the days leading up to the election.

According to the Cobb County Board of Elections, 398,001 people are currently registered to vote in the July 31 primary, though that number may change slightly leading up to the vote.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary was July 2. Applications postmarked on or before that date are processed for registration. Elections and Registration Manager Beth Kish said her office continues to receive applications in the weeks following the deadline sometimes because of clerical errors.

“You know a form got sent to the wrong county and by the time they looked through all their stuff and realized it goes to us it takes a couple extra days,” she said.

Kish said there’s also the potential that the number could decrease.

“There are also deletions,” she said. “The number could actually go down. If we find out people have died we continue to take them off.”

However, Kish said that with less than a week till the primary the number should only change by single digits.

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