Meet the Candidates: Mike Boyce

Find out what Cobb Chairman candidate Mike Boyce has to say about the most pressing issues in Cobb County.

Mike Boyce, a retired Marine and East Cobb resident, is seeking election as the next chairman of Cobb's Board of Commissioners. Patch caught up with him to find out where he stands on TSPLOST, what he thinks are the most pressing Cobb issues and what he plans to do about Cobb's budget.

Bob R July 25, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Colonel Boyce, Following the Commissioner Birrell town hall we had a chat. The main topic of our conversation was maglev. You agreed with everything I said and you made comments that led me to believe that you had much more than a passing knowledge of this transportation system. I ended by asking a question that I have been asking since last December "what am I missing"? You replied "nothing". Based on this and your advocacy of public/private partnerships you got my vote. I also believe that Cobb should seriously look at private financing of all functions of government with the exception of police and fire.
Vicki Hammond July 25, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Mike, you make a lot of sense. I like that. I’m thinking you might just have my vote. Please take the time to read and hopefully even sign this petition – http://tinyurl.com/c326llw Animal welfare reform is one way to decrease the budget. Fewer animals having to be housed, fed, cared for, and killed by the county will mean more money available...if I can show that these programs are working and saving money in other cities and counties, would you be willing to make those changes at the Cobb shelter if you are elected?
Cobbianian July 25, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Bob R...so who is going to cut the overgrown grass in the medians? Who is going to pave the roads and sync traffic signals? Who is going take care of each park all across the County? You really think someone is going to buy the parkland just so they can sell you a $30 pass to play softball for a season? Who is going to maintain all of the vehicles for police and fire? Who is going to handle zoning and code enforcement? Who will you cry to when you can't get any of these things because they are all "privatized?" Your property values and schools will soon become like they are in Clayton County. I'm for slightly less government...but the things you anti-government people come up with are so half baked it's amazing.
Bob R August 02, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Cobbianian, The way that you interpreted my comment makes it seem half baked even to me. The last sentence is part of the rest of the comment. They are joined in my mind. Light rail would cost us taxpayers $3billion+ to construct. BRT multi hundreds of millions. The Maglev proposal would be ZERO dollars to the taxpayer because AMT has secured private financing. Prior to the maglev proposal announced last year I supported monorail as ancillary transportation along 75 & 285. Because the cost to us taxpayers is ZERO $ shortly thereafter I switched my support to maglev. It seems to make sense to me. Perhaps you can tell me "what I am missing"? I have been getting a Social Security check for over 20 years every month without fail, so I don't want it privatized. Because I had not thought of private funding prior to the maglev proposal I now believe it would be a good idea to "look at private funding of all functions of government with the exception of police and fire". Don't know if it would make sense to privatize any but the payoff may be well worth the effort


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