Isakson Living Seeks Rezoning Delay

The developers of a proposed senior residential complex next to East Cobb Park are seeking a continuance to November.

Kevin Isakson addressing the East Cobb Civic Association in July. Photo Credit: Wendy Parker
Kevin Isakson addressing the East Cobb Civic Association in July. Photo Credit: Wendy Parker
The developers of a proposed major senior residential community in East Cobb said Friday they are seeking a continuance in their rezoning request.

Kevin Isakson, the director of sales and marketing for Isakson Living East Cobb, said his firm is asking that its application for rezoning 53 acres next to East Cobb Park be delayed from October to November.

The proposed $200 million complex, which would be located on land currently owned by Wylene Tritt, has generated opposition from nearby residents.

The request, which was to have been heard by the Cobb Planning Commission Oct. 1, is to rezone from low-density residential to continuing care residential care community. 

“Moving the Zoning Application Z-43 to November will allow us to thoughtfully address certain concerns raised by neighbors who live near the residential community we envision," Isakson said in a statement.

The application will be heard by the planning commission on Nov. 5.

The East Cobb Civic Association also has come out against the Isakson proposal, objecting to the planned five-story height (with parking underneath) and density. The proposal would include nearly 1,000 mostly independent living units that would be built over a 10-year period, which the group also opposed.

At an ECCA presentation in July, Isakson Living indicated a reluctance to come down on height and density. 

Kevin Isakson told East Cobb Patch he couldn't offer specifics on the revisions "until we work through the plans."

Jill Flamm, president of the ECCA, said Friday that she was glad for the continuance "to look at what everyone's been talking about."

Flamm said her group's membership voted in August to recommend against the proposal, but added that if Isakson Living "wanted to substantially reduce" the scope of the project, "and come back to the community, we would be more than happy to look at it."

Other concerns have centered on political connections. Kevin Isakson is the son of U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, an East Cobb Republican, and Isakson Living's founder, Andy Isakson, is the senator's brother. 

At a recent town hall meeting, East Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott was asked by residents about that, and he said that "political connections don't mean anything to me."

Kevin Isakson told East Cobb Patch that the idea for seeking a continuance "came up in conversation" with Ott and Mike Terry, an East Cobb representative on the planning commission. 

"Folks like the use, the concerns are about height and density," he said. A continuance "is the best option for all parties.

"Our goal has been to meet with everybody we can," Kevin Isakson said adding that in the next week or two he will be getting back in touch with residents and citizens groups about the revisions. 

"The bottom line is that no matter what, it needs to fit into the community," Flamm said.

Dave September 13, 2013 at 03:37 PM
It is not just the aesthetics of this proposed development- it is the fundamental change and negative impact on our property values and way of life. Yes, the proposed density is obviously obscene. Yes, the height of the buildings is way out of character to the residences surrounding. Yes, the YEARS of construction between this and Wellstar impact our life for years. But the MAIN thing is that this development hurts my property value. It lessens the quality of life for a long time. And I have paid property taxes for decades now to have those things protected. When I invested in my home, it was because of the zoning protections and processes in place. Mr. Ott and the other commissioners need to do their job and protect those who have been paying them to do just that. And it is getting hard to see where they have been looking out for us for a while.


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