Isakson Living Rezoning Delayed Again

The application for a proposed senior living complex has been pushed back from February to May.

There has been another delay in the Isakson Living rezoning case in East Cobb. 

Cobb Zoning Division Manager John Pederson said in a notice posted on his department's website that scheduled hearings on Feb. 4 and Feb. 18 before the Cobb Planning Commission and Cobb Board of Commissioners, respectively, will now be heard on May 6 and May 20.

Pederson said the continuance was prompted by the commission's recent decision to appoint a committee to re-evaluate the continuing care retirement community zoning (CCRC) category. 

The commission also placed a moratorium on CCRC applications until the ad hoc study panel has revisited the issue.

That's the category Isakson Living was seeking to rezone from low-density residential on 53 acres on Roswell Road next to East Cobb Park to build a $200 million senior living facility.

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The Isakson Living plans, which initially called for nearly 1,000 units, have been strongly opposed by nearby residents and the East Cobb Civic Association due to density, traffic and other concerns. 

Isakson Living initially sought a delay in the face of that opposition, then withdrew its proposal in October, saying it would refile in early 2014. 

However, the developer -- run by the brother and son of Republican U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson of East Cobb -- suddenly refiled in November when it learned of the commission's plans to re-examine the CCRC zoning category. 

The refiled proposal calls for fewer units -- to around 840, mostly for independent living -- but that didn't satisfy opponents who say that's still too many.

CCRC is a relatively new zoning category in Cobb, having been adopted in 2008. However, no property has been zoned CCRC. Among the East Cobb citizen complaints related to the Isakson Living proposal is that CCRC is too open-ended for dense development near residential communities. 

Kevin Isakson, the senator's son and his company's director of sales and marketing, told East Cobb Patch the refiling was done when it was so that it would not be subject to any changes that might be made to the CCRC category.

The move to refile further riled up civic groups and District 2 Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott, who were told by Isakson Living that any revisions would be presented to the community first. 
Pete Fordonski January 04, 2014 at 10:39 AM
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the objections to the proposed CCRC. Isakson Living revised their plans in a manner that exceeded the demands of those opposed. They had to refile at the time they did to avoid being railroaded out in a clandestine fashion by a small and vocal group. One who, I might add does not represent the entire community, just a small fraction. We need a CCRC here in East Cobb! Our population is ever increasing in age and these people want to live in the community that they built. The property under consideration is the perfect location. The owner wants to sell it and has the right to, furthermore she has stated that she wants it to be a CCRC developed and operated by Isakson Living. To stop projects like this because a small group simply has a misconception that their lives may be slightly inconvenienced, is unjust to all the people that live in East Cobb, and all of Cobb county.
William January 07, 2014 at 04:40 PM
Pete, the opponents are just young adults who have young kids and young parents. The day that their parents say they want to move to a place like this is too far off for them to imagine. They are also NIMBYs -- Not in MY Backyarders! I think that is understandable. But we didn't stop the Avenue at East Cobb from being built. The Sr. project opposition web site places the footprint of "Two Georgia Domes" over the senior site and claims it will be the size of "Two Georgia Domes." The Avenue at East Cobb must be at least "Four Georgia Domes" but hey, it has some nice shops! However, Leyland Cypress behind the Avenue are fully grown and block most of the views of the huge development from the houses behind it, as they would with a Senior facility. So, this is East Cobb, where it's fine to build an Avenue with nice fancy shops, but keep the seniors out, even though they brought us to the dance, fought a few wars for us and our spoiled kids, and paid the taxes that made our country and community what it is today. No Avenue at East Cobb site for these seniors! OK if we put them out near the Big Chicken?


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