House District 81: Who Are You Supporting?

Tucker's only contested legislative race has become a fierce contest between one of the Democratic Party's rising stars and a GOP contender who hopes to unseat him.

With less than a week to go before the Nov. 6 election, Tucker's only contested legislative race continues to be fought on the ground between incumbent Democrat Scott Holcomb and his GOP opponent, Chris Boedeker.

The road for both candidates to this point in the race has been bumpy and marked by controversy.

Holcomb, who represents District 81, became the de facto incumbent earlier this year, when Elena Parent, who represented District 80, chose not to run for re-election. Both districts were merged into one single District 81 by legislative Republicans when Georgia's legislative maps were redrawn to conform to new census numbers.

On the Republican side, Boedeker defeated Carla Roberts in the July 31 GOP primary. That contest was filled with accusations flying back and forth from both sides. Boedeker tried to have Roberts disqualified from the race by saying she wasn't a legal resident, a charge that was dismissed.

Roberts accused Boedeker's campaign of personal intimidation tactics.

Both candidates have targeted Brookhaven voters hard with multiple mailers and fliers. Recently, state House Democrats accused Boedeker of suggesting Holcomb used illegal drugs while serving in the U.S. Army.

Until Monday, Roberts said she has remained silent since the primary, but Boedeker's charge against Holcomb prompted this statement:

"Mr. Boedeker’s campaign commercial used doctored video to make it sound as though his opponent ... had admitted to using drugs. Rep. Holcomb, a military veteran, said nothing of the sort, but the fabricated implication was crystal clear ... Mr. Boedeker’s deplorable attempt to smear the reputation of a man who put his life on the line to protect American citizens has made my continued silence impossible."

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