East Cobber Runs As Write-in Candidate

A fixture at Cobb Commission public comment sessions, Craig Harfoot is running again for chairman.

East Cobb resident Craig Harfoot, who has twice run for Cobb Commission Chairman, is doing it again, this time as a write-in candidate.

Harfoot, whom The Marietta Daily Journal calls a "local gadfly," is asking for votes on the Nov. 6 ballot in opposition to incumbent chairman Tim Lee, on Aug. 21 to remain in office. 

No Democratic candidate qualified to run for chairman. In an e-mail message to Patch, Harfoot said his reasons for running were related to the economy and jobs and his assertions that Cobb County government has been a barrier on both counts.

"The current Cobb administration has put reguations in place that make it more difficult and expensive to start your own small business especially from your own home. Remember the recent west Cobb fruit stand zoning? I do not believe in spending much money in elections, for the simple reason the people that will reimbuse or fund a campaign want taxpayers money in return.

"They all have agendas and they are not looking out for the taxpayers. They are willing to indebt us all and keep us twisting in the wind. Since no one comes to debates or forums an online question and answer might be the way of the future."

"Remember this, no campaign donors means no money to serve, no lies to tell, simply service to Cobb citizens with open ears and mind. Every one needs to be free to earn a living and pursue their beliefs and happiness."

Harfoot speaks frequently on these and related matters at Cobb Commission public comment sessions and other public hearings. 

According to the MDJ, Harfoot got seven percent of the vote in the GOP primary for chairman in 2002, when Sam Olens was first elected. Harfoot ran against Olens again in 2004, getting 19 percent of the vote.


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