Cobb's School-Related Transportation Projects

A number of improvements were made over the summer to address traffic concerns around public school grounds.

The Cobb Department of Transportation undertook the following projects over the summer to prepare for the start of the school year: 

Paper Mill Road at Sope Creek Elementary School 
This project added a right turn lane and lengthened the left turn lane on Paper Mill Road at the main school entrance. School driveway improvements included a new left turn lane for motorists exiting the school, and traffic signal and pedestrian signal upgrades. 

Jiles Road at Kennesaw Elementary School 
School zone improvements, part of the Jiles Road Improvement project, have provided traffic and safety improvements to the main school entrance. Enhancements include a new right turn lane into Kennesaw Elementary and creation of separate right and left turn lanes for traffic exiting the main school driveway. 

New Macland Road Drainage Improvement Project (near McEachern High School) 
This project included replacement of old, deteriorating, metal pipe cross drains in the McEachern High School area with a new 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe. Roadway shoulder work remains, including installation of sidewalk on both sides of New Macland Road. 

Addison Elementary School at Ebenezer Road 
Relocation of main school driveway, a major goal of this project, has provided enhanced sight distance, improved traffic circulation on school property, and increased traffic queuing for the existing right turn lane into the school. 

New Mableton Elementary School at Church Street 
(CCSD SPLOST III-funded project) 
This CCSD-funded project has constructed a new Mableton Elementary School facility on property adjacent to the existing school site. The project included closure of nearby Sky View Elementary and transfer of these students to the new Mableton Elementary, almost doubling student enrollment. The new school facility is scheduled to open at the start of the 2012-2013 school year.

New Clarkdale Elementary School at Ewing Road 
(CCSD SPLOST III-funded project) 
CCSD constructed a new Clarkdale Elementary School facility adjacent to Cooper Middle School on Ewing Road. The old school site, off nearby Clay Road, flooded in the record September 2009 flood event. This new school facility opened on Monday.


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