Cobb County Water Report Released

The exhaustive test covers areas including the Chattahoochee River and Lake Allatoona.

The has released its yearly Water Quality Report, covering the time period from January to December, 2011.

The samples, taken from hundreds of sites in Cobb County, are tested for contaminants such as lead, nitrates, harmful bacteria and disinfectants.

The results of the tests showed no violations in Cobb County drinking water, however there are some areas of concern; one of the 50 sites tested for lead contamination exceeded the EPA-regulated "Action Level" of 15 parts per billion (ppb). The highest recorded levels of Trihalomethane, a byproduct of disinfecting drinking water, came dangerously close to exceeding the Action Level of 80 ppb, however the average concentration was well within safety limits.

Only one site showed signs of microbiological contaminants during 223 samples taken during June and August, 2011. Two sites reflected contaminants during 226 samples taken in October. These contaminants are naturally present in the environment and at no time were at an actionable level.

Turbidity, the measure of cloudiness of water, was determined to be 0.18 in Cobb County. According to the Cobb County Water System, turbidity is a good overall measure of water quality, with 0.18 being a good score. The typical source of the cloudiness was soil runoff.

The complete report may be found here. Visit the Cobb County Water System's website for more information.


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