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Cobb County's FY 2013 Budget Announced

General Fund revenues and expenditures will decrease, but the overall budget will increase almost two percent.

The  has released the FY 2013 budget, which will detail how the county takes in and spends money from Oct. 1 of this year to Sept. 30 of 2013.

According to the presentation, the county's General Fund will reduce both revenues and expenditures by .04 percent. Both General Fund revenues and expenditures are budgeted to be $321,824,870. 

This fund is the main operating fund of the county, and accounts for all financial resources of the county that are not mandated to belong in other funds. Fees and fines, along with miscellaneous revenues are expected to be down from FY 2012, and transfer out expenditures have been adjusted down to compensate.

Despite the decrease in the General Fund, not all county funds are trending down. The E911 Fund will increase by over half a percent, the Fire District Fund will increase by 1.39 percent, and Law Library Fund will increase an impressive 42.85 percent.

The total operating funds of Cobb County are expected to be $737,457,971, a 1.95 percent increase from last fiscal year.

Capital Funds are increasing over 50 percent, largely due to the over 300 percent increase in budget for the Water System Development Fee Fund. 

The public hearing for the proposed budget will be held on Sept. 4, and the budget will be adopted on Sept. 11.

theo September 09, 2012 at 01:06 PM
any discussions on salary increases- as it has been 5 years since cobb county employees received one.


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