Cobb Animal Shelter 'Desperate' for Space

A total of 108 dogs and cats were turned in during a 16-hour period this week.

Over a 16-hour period from Tuesday to Wednesday, 108 dogs and cats were turned into the Cobb County Animal Shelter.

During that time, only 38 animals were adopted.

The majority of the turn-ins—67—came on Tuesday, up from .

This influx has been "particularly tough" on the shelter, which is in "desperate need of space," according to a news release.

The release calls for help from local rescues and volunteers.

"We understand that many of you are in the same position as we are and have very limited space in your homes and shelters," it says, "but taking just one animal would help immensely. Saving just one life is enough because essentially you are saving two—the life of the animal you bring into your rescue or foster program and the life of the animal being dumped by their owner who we will at least have a space for."

Patch periodically publishes .

The shelter is at 1060 Al Bishop Drive in Marietta. Call 770-499-4136 for more information.


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