Bobby Franklin Remembered

Monday memorial service for Northeast Cobb legislator who died last week.

 (R-Northeast Cobb, District 43) was remembered by family, friends and colleagues at a memorial service in Cumming on Monday. 

Hundreds of visitors attended the service for a chance to say goodbye to the politician who was known for his dedication to his civic duty, honesty, and above all else, his legacy of working consistently for what he believed to be right and true as defined in the bible.

This may be the reason so many political officials, (including those who didn't always agree with Franklin) had plenty to say about the man who had a gift for genuine diplomacy powered by steadfast faith.

"Half the time, I didn't agree with Bobby, and half the time, he didn't agree with me, but we were the best of friends," said political consultant, Patrick M. Gartland who described Franklin as a loyal friend.

The memorial began with a call to worship and invocation. Reverends Martin Hawley and Joe Morecraft read from of the book of Daniel which aligns well with Franklin's philosophy on life and work.

Toward the end of the service, visitors were invited to stand up and say a few words about Franklin. The dominating sentiment was one of respect and admiration for Frankiln's ability to keep his unwavering commitment to stand by the truth, even if it meant standing alone.

"We were at opposite ends of the table and at opposites ends on our beliefs when it comes to certain issues, but I worked with Bobby on an amendment despite our disagreements. He had infallible grace and he was a smart, smart man," said Stacey Y. Abrams, House Minority Leader for the Georgia General Assembly and State Rep. for the 84th House District. 

Rep. Mark Hamilton (R-Cumming, District 23) described Franklin as a great and humble gentleman. "Even in disagreement, Bobby Franklin always had a smile and always had respect for the other side."

Sen. Jack Murphy (R-Ga, District 27) agreed, saying Franklin always had a gentleman's attitude and a genuine smile, even the face of adversity and strong disagreement. "He was a good man," said Murphy.

Regardless of Franklin's strong positions against issues such as same sex marriage and abortion, he was well known as a man who could not be intimidated or persuaded for his own political gain. It is that virtue that gave him the ability to harness respect from both sides. 

Franklin was found dead at his Northeast Cobb home July 26 of a suspected heart attack.

Franklin is survived by three adult children and a granddaughter.

Fortune August 05, 2011 at 01:08 AM
Good to see something respectable written about this man.


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