Police Stress Burglary Prevention Tips

The most recent Precinct 4 bulletin follows up on recent break-ins at East Cobb residences.

In the wake of several recent residential burglaries in the Lower Roswell Road area east of Johnson Ferry Road, the Cobb Police Department's Precinct 4 has issued the following safety tips:

None of the incidents in this most recent trend involved forced entry. Vehicles were left unlocked in the driveway or in the unlocked and sometimes open garage. In the cases where entry was made into the living space of the home, the entrance doors were also left unlocked.

It is extremely important to secure all entry points to the home and the garage every night. If you have an alarm, make it a habit to set it every night and leave exterior lighting on. Remove all valuables, especially firearms, from the vehicle every night and lock the doors.

East Cobb is still a very safe place to live but because of a reputation of affluence, thieves periodically target the area looking for an easy opportunity. By consistently applying basic crime prevention measures, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. 

For the full Precinct 4 PENS (Police E-Mail Notification System) bulletin, please see the attached PDF.


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