Donna Kristofak Feared for Her Life

The AJC has reported that the murdered East Cobb woman begged a judge not to free her ex-husband from jail in October.

Donna Kristofak's worst fears were realized in a Cobb County courtroom in October as a judge was deciding whether to release her ex-husband from jail for stalking her.

They were the fears that John Kristofak would kill her.

According to a report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the East Cobb woman begged Cobb Superior Court Judge Adele Grubbs not to free him for time served as part of a five-year sentence, with the remainder to be served on probation.

John Kristofak had been jailed since March for aggravated stalking. Several days prior to his arrest, he allegedly sent Donna Kristofak several threatening e-mails, including chilling promises that he would kill her.

During an Oct. 12 plea hearing, Grubbs made a temporary restraining order a permanent one, telling Donna Kristofak that if John Kristofak violated its terms he would be jailed immediately.

According to the AJC report, Donna Kristofak responded, “Yes, your honor, I respect that and thank you for that. My fear is that I may not survive that . . I fear for my life."

John Kristofak was arrested Thursday for the murder of Donna Kristofak, 48, who was found unresponsive in her home on Tall Pine Drive Saturday morning. She later died at WellStar Kenestone Hospital, and the warrant issued for his arrest indicated she was stabbed once in the upper torso.

After being on the run for five days, John Kristofak is being held without bond at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. There was a brief struggle with law enforcement as he was apprehended at a Motel 6 in Union City before dawn Thursday.

John Kristofak, 58, listed in arrest reports as having an Acworth address, was released Oct. 29 after nearly seven months in jail. He was arrested for aggravated stalking on March 29 in an East Cobb Wal-Mart parking lot, where he was pursuing her.

The AJC report said police found a butcher's knife and a reported suicide note in John Kristofak's car.

Less than two months after his release, John Kristofak allegedly went to his ex-wife's home, attacked her in the garage, and fled in a brown Chevrolet Equinox that authorities said was located outside his motel room when he was arrested Thursday.

Grubbs told the AJC she could not discuss the case.

While he was at-large, John Kristofak sent e-mails to The Marietta Daily Journal, threatening to take his own life, and posted pseudonymously on East Cobb Patch, referring to himself in the third person in benign, almost sympathetic terms.

John and Donna Kristofak, who divorced in 2011, had two sons together, both in high school. Harrison, a senior at Dominion Christian School in Marietta, tweeted Thursday for the first time since his mother's death:

"Me and my brother are in good hands.. God will be with us."

Zac, a freshman at Walton High School, tweeted Wednesday that he and his brother "are so thankful for the support of East Cobb. Merry Christmas everyone."

On Thursday, he tweeted: "I can finally rest peacefully."

On his Twitter profile page he states only: "R.I.P. Mom"

adrian odom December 31, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Adele grubbs took everything from me because i told her what "God hath joined together let not man put asunder. "(she was an adulteress herself and i didn't know) so I had just went John the Baptist on her own herodias Adultery unknowingly and she was like off with his head. I didnt drink do drugs or any violence. I had always been the "good boy." I tried to protest it and she had the mpd deny me a free speech permit over my address. she took away my house (but did say i could receive my email there.) so she had the mpd deny me a permit over my address. I can't protest losing my house and all other property on the basis i have no house address. It was JIM CROW LIVES ON. (or DEAR JOHN CROW). WELCOME TO KONCEITED KOBB KOUNTY.
adrian odom December 31, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I had wanted to leave and live something like the amish. (so you might think i am nuts too but i know your society is gone. I don't just limit it to Adele grubbs i think your press churches judges pastors politicians (irrespective of party) police are awfull in the big picture sense. it all reminds me of the pharisees saducees and herodions its all hypocrisy. so i wanted to leave /defect got treated like Jim jones and trying to defect from the cccp and got a restrainining order for canceling cable (i thought it was smut) and forfeited all property. The lawyer knew how to press her buttons i was a "male oppresssor". Like you mentioned with personal ties she doesn't recuse herself. She punished me for unknowingly condemning her for adultery. (no apologys).Her daughter got ran over by an impaired (drunk) driver so she threw the book at an old lady (imparied driver --her age\not drunk) and gave her pretty much a life sentence. She refused to have a couch in her office "less the people think shes sleeping on the job" .I think shes cranky and we would all be best serve if she takes a nap. shes a populace pleaser judge. I believe i would consider marlas remarriage adulterey but thats probally not why adele grubbs did what she did its personal connection. She could not be cognitive of what shes doing. I think shes a nutter like the female naval commander no one could get rid of. Shes keeps a good appearance "church lady" laurels but not substance. Rule of Hee-Haw not law


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