Mom Arrested After Son Gets Tattoo

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A 31-year-old Acworth mom was arrested by the this week on a charge of misdemeanor child cruelty after getting her 10-year-old son a tattoo.

Now police are seeking the tattoo artist who did the illegal work, the Marietta Daily Journal reports.

Chuntera Napier, who lives on Bakers Grove Road, was booked into the early Wednesday and released a few hours later on a $1,000 bond, jail records show.

She had allowed her son, Gaquan, to get a tattoo honoring his older brother, Malik, who died at age 12 after being hit by a car in Macon two years ago, according to WSB Channel 2.

Napier herself has a "Rest in Peace Malik" tattoo among several others, according to her jail booking report.

She told Channel 2 she didn't know it was illegal for her son to get a tattoo, and it wasn't just a gift but something he wanted to remember his brother.

It is illegal in Georgia for anyone under 18 to be tattooed except for medical reasons.

Napier was arrested after someone at Gaquan's school noticed the tattoo on his arm and contacted authorities, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said.

A Smyrna tattoo artist did the work, the AJC reported, although Napier is not helping police find the man, who also could face charges, police Maj. Wayne Dennard told the MDJ.

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Ceci January 22, 2012 at 10:57 PM
People bring out the word "Freedom" every time even when their actions cannot be justified. Come on now, use some common sense and good will, you can't simply make the case by saying everyone should have the freedom to do whatever, and even poor choices. It's like saying we should live in a world that has no rules, and that's as wrong as it can get. It doesn't take much knowledge for one to realize that children are NOT "bullet-proof" to influences and aren't fully developed to make their own decisions, and it's simple as that why there are strict laws in place to protect them. Just because the adult thinks it's her "freedom" to make the decision and the child wants it at the moment, it doesn't mean tattooing a child is okay. Now, should we all just blame on the mother? No, the tattoo artist should've known better too and know exactly what the law says about tattooing children. He/she could have prevented anyone from violating the law by simply saying "no, we can't tattoo a child." There is no absolute freedom, and no one can have all the rightful freedom he/she can have if others don't follow the rules. Think twice, respect the law, and have common sense, please.
M Greenfield January 24, 2012 at 12:49 AM
"Freedom" does NOT give a fruit-loop of a parent the right to inflict harm/pain upon their child. Tattoos are painful and certainly not necessary at the age of 10! The government must have laws that protect the safety of minor children from idiot parents.
Peter Smith January 24, 2012 at 05:23 PM
So there should be no limits as to what a parent should allow, cause or do to their child? Hogwash! The child's rights were violated -- that is, the right to assume their parent makes choices based on their well-being. If the child's brother (God forbid) had committed suicide, should the mother allow her child to do so also to honor or join his brother? Tattoos are destructive to the skin. If an adult chooses to tattoo, or but a finger off, or smoke while being treated for lung cancer, the law allows it, bacause they are deemed to have the judgement skills to make an informed decision. A child DOES NOT have these capabilities. A child, looking at a toy catalog wants every toy, but doesn't get it because the parents have more sense. Show some sense here to protect your child.
Ed Bostick January 24, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Why not simply write the brother's name on the kid's arm with a Magic Marker? (cheaper, fadeable AND renewable)
Peter Smith April 11, 2012 at 12:41 AM
On the other hand, where do you stop with control of the parent's choices for their children? Okay, so tattoos are bad for kids. Most (but not all) will agree. How about other body mutilations -- like piercings all over the body -- lips, belly buttons, cheecks, tongue? What age do we allow these? How about pierced ears? How young -- many parents decide their babies should have their ears pierced for purely cosmetic (not necessary) reasons. While I oppose allowing tattoos on kids, I am worried about where the "CONTROL" STOPS. Then comes the question of spanking and other forms of discipline (whipping in the wood shed?). The government (THEY) are getting in the act here, and I believe appropriately in some cases. But where does it stop? Most believe beating is bad. Many believe spanking is bad. Hoiw abouit one swift swat on the bottom of a dressed child to stop a bad behavior? Not so simple. Grandpa Pete


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