Two Special Pets, Two New Programs

Our Pets of the Week, Butch and Molly, need homes. Plus, check out our weekly helpful vet tips.

“Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem,” Cpt. Jeff Patellis, Director of Cobb County Animal Control (CCAC), said this week. “I’ve asked my staff to ‘think outside the box’ and come up with innovative ways to house the overflow of animals (cutting down on the need to euthanize for space) and get more animals adopted."

Housing the 200-plus cats on the back dock in penthouse cages (soon to be surrounded by plexi-glass sheeting to keep upper respiratory infections down) is one of these innovative solutions.

Cobb Company Cats is another. This program, now in place, allows Cobb businesses to adopt an adult cat to be their company cat. Cats relax the atmosphere, lower blood pressure, and make clients feel welcomed when they come into an establishment.

What a great way to give a home to a wandering soul and feed your own soul in the process. To adopt a Cobb Company Cat you must have a current Cobb County business license and be housed in a “brick and mortar” location - size of the business is not important. Cats eligible for the program are two years old or older. They will be fully vetted and their adoption fee will be waived.  

When you have abundance you might as well share with others. A program is in the works to transport animals from CCAC to the Midwest where adoptable animals are in high demand.

As a pilot effort, the shelter management and volunteers are working to send 12 dogs to a Midwestern rescue group that is interested in taking them. These dozen dogs must be housed locally, out of the shelter, for about two weeks - to make sure they are healthy for travel.

Help is needed to house the dogs during the transition period, which begins August 30. If you have space to keep one or more of these dogs until the scheduled transport date, please contact Janice at quietzsch@aol.com for more details.

This week’s featured pets are Butch and Molly - two special animals in their own right.   

Butch came into the shelter on July 30 as a stray. What a special boy he is…he’s big, he’s bold, and he’s cuddly. He had a fabulous time in the arms of a woman who happened into the shelter looking for her lost cat. She flipped him this way, and that way, and he loved every minute of it. Butch is about 1 year old with gorgeous tiger markings. He’s as sweet as they come, personable, social, and an all around great guy! Butch has been fully vetted and is ready for his new home. ID No. 533663.

Molly, a precious little one, was turned in by her owner on Aug. 20. Somehow she ended up in the big dog kennel, perhaps because she is 6 months old; but, being so small, it was a scary place for her. A volunteer asked the staff to move her into the puppy room and they did. Now, she is a wee bit more comfortable. Molly is a shy girl but is interested enough to step forward for some much wanted petting. Molly appears to be a Bassett Hound/Wire Terrier mix. She is super-sweet and cute as a button. ID No. 534845.  

Adoption and death are the only ways out for these animals. Please come to the shelter and find a new friend.

For more animals available for adoption at the Cobb County Animal Control shelter check out these sites:



Ways to help:

Sponsor a dog for transport. The dogs being rescued need to be transported to the out of state rescue…and that takes money. Fundraising efforts are underway. Contact Janice quietzsch@aol.com

Comfy Kuranda beds can be purchased and donated to the shelter, allowing every dog and cat to have its own bed to sleep on. Order them online at www.cherokeeanimals.petfinder.com and they will be sent directly to the shelter. Donations are tax deductable. 

Visit my blog: A cat in a dog’s world http://willowwrites.wordpress.com/ Send me your best shelter pet story, via email the author above. I will be choosing new stories to post on the blog soon.

Vet Tip of the Week

Want to train your dog to leave objects alone or immediately drop what’s in their mouths?  It can be done, and here’s how:

Step 1 Hold a treat in your closed fist and let your dog sniff your hand. Keep it closed and still. Your dog will probably sniff and lick your hand for a while trying to get to the treat. Wait until he stops and moves his head away from your hand. Then, immediately open your hand, place your hand under his mouth, and give him the treat. Repeat this until your dog consistently keeps his nose and mouth away from your hand with the treat and waits for you to offer it to him. 

Step 2 Once your dog always moves his head away from your offered fist (holding the treat), begin to tell him to ‘leave it.’ Then, offer him the treat. Repeat this enough times, and your dog will associate the action of moving away from the treat with the phrase ‘Leave it.’ When your dog consistently moves away from the treat in response to ‘Leave it,’ you can start to use the ‘Leave it’ cue to keep him from objects on the ground, etc. At first, immediately reward with treats every time your dog leaves an object alone in response to the ‘Leave it’ cue. Once your dog consistently responds, then reward every time with a lot of praise and only sometimes with tasty treats. This will keep your dog motivated to always leave tempting objects alone when you use the ‘Leave it’ cue.

Step 3 When your dog has something in his mouth that you want him to relinquish, show him a tempting treat. Alternatively, when he has a favorite toy or ball in his mouth, you can train him to drop it using this method too. Use a treat your dog finds so delicious that he will want to literally drop whatever is in his mouth to take this treat. You may have to hold it near his mouth at first. When your dog drops the object to eat the treat, say ‘drop it’ at that exact moment. Repeat until your dog consistently drops objects in response to this cue. Then, randomly reward him with treats and always reward him with praise. This exercise is especially helpful with puppies as they often grab and chew many undesirable objects.

Dr. Lori Germon is a veterinarian at Chastain Animal Clinic in Smyrna. You can find information on pet introduction and other pet topics at their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Janice Riccio August 27, 2011 at 04:08 PM
Good news, Molly went to a local rescue group!
Vicki Hammond August 27, 2011 at 05:41 PM
Great news Janice. Hopefully Butch can find a home too!
amy halpern August 27, 2011 at 06:15 PM
is molly available for adoption?
amy halpern August 27, 2011 at 06:16 PM
i had to put my sophie down this week and i realized i need dog barks in this house...
Vicki Hammond August 27, 2011 at 06:35 PM
I'm sorry to hear about Sophie. Molly is now at a rescue...Atlanta Pet Rescue (404) 815-6680 http://www.atlantapetrescue.org/ Let them know that she was rescued this week from Cobb County Animal Control shelter. You can send them this link so they can see her photo. It looks like they have several locations. http://www.atlantapetrescue.org/ She is such an adorable little thing. Butch, the cat, is still available and he likes other animals as do Rocky and Faye, two more big Tabby cats. You could have a full house... let us know if you adopt Molly. thanks for reading.


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