Predictions vs. Resolutions in the New Year

Some bold pronouncements on what 2012 will bring, from Cobb County to the White House and around the world.

All right. Here it is the new year already. Lots of folks are sitting down making resolutions like losing weight, getting organized, blah, blah, blah. Been there. Done that. Didn't even want the T-shirt.

While keeping resolutions is not really one of my strong points, I AM pretty good at prognosticating. So I'm going to give it a try. And just to hold me accountable, I'd like for one of you to hold on to these predictions. I'll buy one of you a steak at the end of the year to go back over them.

First prediction: Nearly 100 percent of New Year's resolutions will NOT be kept. How's that for good?

At least two separate high schools in East Cobb will win state championships in 2012. The local and state economy will stumble along with no significant growth. Inflation will kick in this year, and unemployment will rise again to over 9 percent by election time. By year's end, the president will ask Congress to raise the federal debt ceiling to $20 trillion.

Since it's an election year, we might as well get some of those out of the way. I predict the conservative ascendancy will continue. Tea Party candidates will offer opposition in local, state and federal elections. In Cobb, we'll replace Tim Lee as chairman, probably with former Chairman Bill Byrne. Cobb and other counties will vote down the TSPLOST by a wide margin.

Expect some significant changes in the Georgia legislature. Congressmen Tom Price and Phil Gingrey will hold their seats in Congress. Contrary to what she says, Hillary Clinton will run as President Obama's vice president. However, either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry will still win the White House by a significant margin.

The European Union will begin breaking apart as the euro collapses and some member nations begin printing their own money. China's economy will slow significantly, leading the United States into another recession. The Middle East will flare up with Israel and some of its militant neighbors engaging in actual warfare. Iran's revolution will actually begin.

The so-called Arab Spring will be reduced to general chaos and instability in the region. As a result, oil production will be unpredictable and could lead to greater competition and lower prices. The deaths of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro will lead to some very positive changes in Central and South America.

Finally, Cobb will remain the jewel of the metro Atlanta area with good schools, low crime and a stable political environment. It will remain high on the list of places desired by families moving into the area. While a little slower in 2012, we will still grow and still offer opportunities for new business. Happy new year!


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