Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

If you're still having to buy a Father's Day gift, don't sweat it. Here's some help.

This Father’s Day gift thing isn’t really that complicated.

Dads like what they like — yes, even the “Three Stooges” — and that’s just the way it is.

Take it from this Dad, if you get a gift that falls into his personal interest zone, you’re going to be fine.

But what if Father’s Day 2012 is staring you down and you’re still at a loss about what to get? Don’t sweat it. There’s still time.

Here are some last-minute, easy-to-get, gift ideas that are better than a necktie and will be appreciated by nearly every Dad — well, by many of them, anyway, including (hint) me.

And check out our links at the bottom of this article for more great ideas.

 1.   Food. A Sunday brunch may be the way to go on Mother’s Day, but Dads are different (you know, the whole Mars vs. Venus thing). Think steak, or maybe seafood. Make a reservation, if needed, and make sure the meal involves dessert. Check out our restaurant directory for ideas.

2.   Time Out: How about a simple picnic, nature walk, or family bike ride? Even better, a day at Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Lake Lanier, or a ballgame? (The Atlanta Braves are home against the Baltimore Orioles this weekend; the Gwinnett Braves host the Columbus Clippers).

3.   Gift Cards: You think a gift card reveals your ability to procrastinate (well, it does). But Dads love these, especially if they are from stores they like. And now that almost every store has dozens of gift cards for sale — gas stations, retailers, iTunes, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, etc. — it’s an easy score. Just tell Dad you’re going to the store to get some bread and milk and pick one up.

4.   Cool tools: I have loved every flashlight, multi-tool and grooming device I’ve ever received, maybe because they’re so easy for me to misplace. A word of warning: Don’t buy a gadget that takes those coin-shaped watch batteries; they’re a pain to deal with.

5.   Beer! Now that it’s legal to purchase beer on Sunday, you can wait until the very last minute to make a purchase. Many microbreweries, like Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery, offer combo pack with their best varieties. lets you build your own six pack from hundreds of brand names.

Need more ideas? Check out these links:

Got an idea to share? Tells us in the comments box below.


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