City of East Cobb: A Bad Idea

We've got community jewels like East Cobb Park as a result of being part of Cobb County; incorporation is just not needed.

Bill Byrne's proposal to create is about as bad an idea as I’ve heard from a Cobb County politician in years, maybe decades.

Why in the world would the residents of East Cobb want to incorporate their own city? Sure, I’ve seen the trend over the last few years of voters in unincorporated Fulton and DeKalb counties their communities as cities separate from the behemoth Governments of their respective counties.  

And for areas like North Fulton, especially, I have seen the absolute disconnect and lack of concern for anything but the tax revenues contributed by those areas to county, much of which went to areas of the county that were absolute drains on resources.

Being a native of Cobb County, I can’t think of anything worse for Cobb County AND East Cobb than incorporating. Certainly, I understand that all politics is local and that government is best done as close to the taxpayer/voter as possible. But I simply don’t think a City of East Cobb would accomplish anything but inject a layer of government that is neither needed or wanted.   

For one thing, there’s already enough government in East Cobb to handle the needs of the community. Heck, the Zone 4 Precinct is already a little over-focused on revenue enhancement for me as it is. Adding a layer of government that needed to be funded would only add to the revenue function of the local police.

Look. In East Cobb we have several parks (including ) that are the envy of any suburban community. We have several community service centers, excellent public safety response time, and a very high quality of life.

Many Cobb County leaders come from East Cobb's political, civic and business communities. Because East Cobb accounts for a large part of Cobb County’s growth, development and revenue, we already have a strong voice in how our county (and community) are run. For decades, our Commission Chairman has come from East Cobb. We are NOT underrepresented.

Further, incorporating East Cobb into a city draws lines that have NOT been needed heretofore. I don’t like drawing lines when it’s not necessary. Having grown up in unincorporated Cobb County, I believe there’s much to be gained from LESS government.  

East Cobbers, like most Cobb Countians, are fiercely independent WHILE being very proud of being Cobb Countians. There is a synergy in Cobb County that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. I think it is vital to continue and foster that spirit. 

I know that our county is much more diverse than when I grew up. In fact, there are communities that seem the polar opposite of East Cobb both politically and economically. However, I still hold that most of the new demographics include folks who chose to live here because of what Cobb County has always been and what East Cobb remains.  

Having grown up in South Cobb and now being a committed “East Cobb Snob,” I still believe that the things that work for East Cobb could work for South Cobb and for every part of Cobb County.

Partitioning off still another part of the county sets up an unhealthy competitive environment that has barely existed up to this point. I would hate to see it start now.

If there’s a problem with governance in Cobb County, it has resulted from too much government. The last thing we need is even more government. If asked my thoughts on the City of East Cobb, my reply would be “Drop it, Bill.”

Derrell Huff August 12, 2012 at 01:47 PM
I agree about no city for East Cobb. Are you kidding me? The rascals we have in there now, can't run what we have, in government leadership. From the local level to the national scale, all the politicians want to do is blame, blame, blame. What ever happend to setting down and working out one plan at a time. What a novel approach. D. Huff
Linda Tucker August 13, 2012 at 02:51 PM
A cogent, well-supported argument with which I agree. Thanks for presenting this perspective so well. L. Tucker
Pro East Cobb August 13, 2012 at 03:06 PM
I believe you should rethink your position. A city of East Cobb could end up costing East Cobb resident less in taxes since East Cobb would no longer be subsidizing the South Cobb area. If a City of East Cobb was incorporated, then would it also make sense to have a City of East Cobb school district?
Tim Mcmillen August 13, 2012 at 09:37 PM
City of East Cobb, come on that's dumb. I don't mine south Cobb. I don't live there. Some of my tax dollars go there. What does Lockheed bring in a year? Oh no its on South Cobb drive. Jettison it out of the county. .see how dumb that Really is. Big deal. Try living in John's creek or Milton and subbing college park or Riverdale. Now that's a real problem. East Cobber of 17+ years. Never an issue.
EC Resident August 14, 2012 at 04:01 AM
Agreed. As a former South Cobb resident and current East Cobb resident since 06, let me dispel the myth that East Cobb tax dollars are subsidizing South Cobb. They are not! Have you seen what's been done and undone in past 10yrs in that area with your own eyes? East Cobb gets the bulk of quality services and improvements worth talking about. That is why I sold my house in 30168 and bought a new house in 30068!
Lrg August 14, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Well said. The last thing this area needs is official dividing lines that will create a feeling of exclusion. Especially to areas or schools that fall just outside the lines.
DaddyD August 15, 2012 at 01:52 AM
At this point in time we need to be thinking about "Less Goverment". After growing up in NJ and Livign in east cobb for the past 21 years, it is refreshing to enjoy the county services which are exceptional relative to the taxes we pay. In NJ, especially Northern NJ, all of the srevices (School Boards, Fire Departments,Police, DPW, Local Goverments, Etc Etc Etc) Are repated every square two miles. As a result property taxes are insane. We need to mange the Burocracy of county empolyees with as little "Mangers" as possible. Ex: 1 county police chief making whatever he makes (Ex 80K) vs. 10 Town polce chiefs making (800K) total..managing the same amount of "Beat Officers". Keep the goverments as small and as centralized as possible!


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