Banks or Sweeney? I Don't Know

The realignment of Cobb County school board posts creates at least temporary confusion in East Cobb.

Updated 7 a.m. April 10

It turns out Wheeler itself remains in Scott Sweeney's district, although the attendance zone for the high school is split between Sweeney and David Banks.

Banks disseminated a more detailed map of the new Board of Education posts Monday night, and it shows that the border between the East Cobb members bows westward to keep Wheeler in Sweeney's district, along with East Cobb Middle across Holt Road.

Original Report

Here’s a little homework for you during spring break this week: Figure out who your school board member is.

Either David Banks or Scott Sweeney is your representative on the if you live in East Cobb Patch. That was true before the Georgia General Assembly enacted new post borders Thursday night, and it’s true now.

Beyond that, things are fuzzy for those of us who live in unincorporated Cobb in ZIP codes 30062, 30067 and 30068.

That’s because the only copy of the official map I’ve seen is a fuzzy, low-res version Banks distributed in his David’s Grapevine email newsletter Saturday and because the list of VTDs—voter tabulation districts—in H.B. 1208 is incomplete.

I’m in precinct Eastside 02, for example, which has been part of Sweeney’s Post 6 but is split between Post 6 and Banks’ Post 5 on the new map. The dividing line appears to be Holt Road or perhaps just east of Holt Road; I live just east of Holt Road.

But the legislation doesn’t mention Eastside 02, so I don’t know whether I’ll see a school board election on my primary ballot July 31. Banks is up for re-election this year; Sweeney is not.

To since 2000, the expands the geography covered by eastern districts and creates a clockwise domino effect. throughout the process.

Banks lost some territory on the west side of his post to Kathleen Angelucci’s Post 4 and picked up some of Sweeney’s area to the south and east. Sweeney’s post, in turn, spread south into Smyrna and Vinings to take in part of Tim Stultz’s Post 2.

“As best I can tell, Post 5 will pick up Eastside E.S., East Valley E.S., , and ,” Banks wrote.

Outside East Cobb, the most interesting result is that Post 7’s Alison Bartlett now finds herself representing a mostly West Cobb district, including , and high schools.

Bartlett last year and at Harrison on March 22, . More than a few Harrison parents are eager to pay her back at the polls.

Back in East Cobb, now sits in Banks’ district, while across the street is in Sweeney’s. The student populations for both schools are divided between them.

Many schools fall close to the border, including , , and .

The Indian Hills subdivision appears to be divided along Indian Hills Parkway—west of the line to Banks, east of the line to Sweeney.

East Cobb Patch will offer clearer information when we get it, but be sure to pay close attention to your next voter registration card.

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Michael Jacobs April 10, 2012 at 10:54 AM
Not that I think anyone has been hanging on the edge of his seat over this, but a more detailed map David Banks distributed Monday night shows that I'm still in Scott Sweeney's district—and Wheeler physically is still in Sweeney's district as well.
M Newton April 10, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Banks has part of Indian HIlls which is Wheeler. The current proposed map is splitting feeder schools - Rocky Mount and Simpson feed Lassiter but have been redistricted to Angelucci's district. This presents a problems for those who vote in a precinct in one post but have children in schools that are represented by another. You can contact your GA House of Representatives member and ask that the Department of Justice not accept the current map to get it redrawn so that feeder schools aren't broken up.
Michael Jacobs April 11, 2012 at 11:55 AM
I was trying to convey that the post map was splitting high school attendance zones, so Wheeler's nonmagnet students are split between Banks and Sweeney. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that. But what's potentially worse than splitting the schools feeding high schools is that the new map doesn't keep individual elementary schools within one school board district. My school district, Eastvalley, is mostly in Sweeney's new district but has a small piece west of Holt Road in Banks' new district.


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