'Ageless' Walt Not Counting the Years

It's never too late to learn important life lessons from those who have many to share.

It's funny how you sometimes meet people. Last week, I was having lunch at a local hibachi buffet. As I was enjoying my freshly cooked chicken and veggies, I overheard a conversation at a nearby table. Someone mentioned chiropractors and, of course, my ears popped up. 

So as I was leaving the restaurant, I dropped off a card offering a free adjustment for everyone at the table.

About two hours later, this elderly gentleman walks into my office and introduces himself. I hardly recognized him because I had only gotten a slight view of his face at the restaurant.

Anyway, we exchanged pleasantries, discussing his introduction to chiropractic and his life in his senior years. He proceeds to tell me that he had begun taking continuing education classes at the local chiropractic college when he was 70.

Given the time period he was talking about, that had to make him at least 80 although he didn't even look to be 70.

I said "You look pretty good for your age. How old are you?" His response took me somewhat by surprise. He said "Ageless." Ageless? "Wow! I thought." He proceeded to tell me that he simply quit counting birthdays because they simply didn't matter any more because he only had a day at a time anyway.

After Walt left my office, I just couldn't quit thinking about how vibrant and full of life this guy was while some folks you see on the street seem so much older than their years.

Isn't that fabulous that a fellow somewhere around 80 years old is not only OK with his age but that he actually quit counting? And, it's not just that Walt felt good for his age. 

He actually has a business (somewhat similar to mine) helping folks live a better life in the moment instead of in the future or the past.

It finally hit me that Walt had figured out the Fountain of Youth. By living one day at a time and not dwelling on past mistakes or victories nor on what calamities the future might bring, Walt is a new creation every morning he awakens.

By being thankful for the life he has, Walt can live each day joyfully and peacefully and bringing that same joy and peace to others with whom he comes in contact. What a blessing he must be to his friends and associates.

The next time you think life or age is getting the best of you, think about Walt. Maybe as you come closer to being "ageless," your problems will become smaller relative to your blessings.

I invited Walt to drop in any time for a return trip to the buffet. I hope he'll take me up on the offer.


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