The Real Problem With T-SPLOST is Nancy Pelosi

Only Jedi mind control could make our Republican legislators pass a bill that they instantly hated.

After the 4th of July Parade in Marietta, many of the parade walkers waited on the North Loop for a bus to take them back to the starting point, where they parked their cars.

One group who wore anti-T-SPLOST stickers and T-shirts were asked why they criticized everyone but the Republican legislators who passed the bill in the first place.

The reply struck like a thunder bolt: “Nancy Pelosi.” Everything that had happened over the last ten years became obvious in that instant.

Every year our Republican-controlled state legislature cuts funding for education and passes tax reductions for the rich and powerful. The bills may be corrupt and deserve the attention of the attorney general but they aren’t unconstitutional. After all, the lawyers for the rich and powerful, some of the best minds in Georgia, wrote the bills that our legislators voted for.

How did the badly-written T-SPLOST bill ever get passed in the first place? Even some legislators who support transportation improvements and increased taxes have said that there is a good chance that the law, as written, is unconstitutional and may not stand a court review. State Senator Chip Rogers voted for the T-SPLOST bill, like many Republicans, and now he says that he is against it. What is going on?

Isn’t it obvious? The minds of good Republican legislators were manipulated. Only a Jedi could play a mind trick like this. Nancy Pelosi is really Obi-Wan Pelosi, a Jedi Master who has turned to the Dark Side.

Our state legislators, while under pressure to show some leadership after eight years of transportation inaction, didn’t write a stupid law because that was the best that they could do on their own. Nancy Pelosi twisted their minds, so they would look like incompetents, which would lead to Democrats winning control of the legislature.

Darth Pelosi’s plan hasn’t worked. Chip Rogers' mind is coming out of its fog like many of the legislators who voted for the T-SPLOST, before they flip-flopped and started criticizing it.

Thank you, anti-T-SPLOST folks, for seeing through the mind control of Nancy Pelosi. Now, I wear my aluminum hat to work and sleep. I even jog in it, at the gym, since there are few sidewalks or parks in Cobb, and the air is pretty polluted, and by the time I get home at night, it is almost dark anyway.

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Robert Steinhardt July 10, 2012 at 05:42 PM
well said....
Drewboo July 17, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Good Republican Legislators? Whats that?


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