This Vision Thing

Why a vision matters and the future as seen by the Like Mike 4 Cobb campaign for county chairman.

I believe that former Cobb Chairman Ernest Barrett was a visionary who believed in something bigger than himself and was confident that he would achieve his goals regardless of the challenges. He was a small-business man with a large vision who understood the infrastructure that was needed for Cobb to become an economic powerhouse and persuaded the voters to fund this vision through bonds.

We are the beneficiaries of his political acumen and live in a Cobb markedly different and better than his time. The crux of the race for Cobb chairman is how to differentiate between the candidates. This is where vision comes into play. A vision is forward-looking. It doesn’t look to restore or return to something but to build on the gains achieved. The execution of the vision recognizes the diversity of the voters while seeking common ground upon which to build a consensus.

In my campaign for Cobb County chairman, I have a vision of Cobb government that, in the words of another Marine, is principled, competitive and strong. This vision is an amalgam of my life experiences as a Marine officer and several years of listening to people through my involvement with the community in Cobb. The planks of this vision are low taxes, lean government and solidly standing behind our peace officers and firemen. The vision emerges from what I have heard voters request in their public officials: integrity, recognizing that a sound economic footprint is the underpinning for low taxes, and a conviction that by working together we can build a better future.

We shall seek to continue our tradition of low taxes. Certainly any sales tax above 6 percent does not meet that standard except under extraordinary circumstances. We shall have policies that encourage entrepreneurship with responsible growth. We shall work closely with, but not subservient to, the private sector in attracting and redeveloping businesses in Cobb County. We shall work as hard to enhance the business environment on 6 Flags Drive as we shall on Canton Road. With regard to zoning decisions, they should reflect the same fairness for communities along Dallas Highway as they do for those on Johnson Ferry Road. While we do not live in fear, we realize that the preservation of law and order requires a properly compensated, trained and equipped force of first responders. We shall celebrate our diversity because that is the formula that best uses the gifts of everyone for the common good.

With this vision we can create a tomorrow in Cobb that assures those rights in our Declaration of Independence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With their vote on July 31 I look to join with other residents in continuing the legacy of greatness that is Cobb's.

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Jeff Hinkle April 18, 2012 at 11:24 AM
What is your position on the following?: Duplication of police and sheriff departments Tsplost Over zealous code and zoning enforcement High density hoising sprawl that uses more county services than it pays for Lowering sales tax. 6 is high. I remember when it was much lower here Government delivery of services that can be done by the private sector Thanks!
Oldtimer April 19, 2012 at 10:32 AM
The police and sheriff departments deliver different services.
Mike Boyce April 20, 2012 at 06:39 PM
I agree and indicated so in my reply to Jeff
Jeff Hinkle April 24, 2012 at 02:26 AM
How about the other questions mike? On police vs sherriff there is no reason IMHO for havin duplicate departments in the county. Saying that they do different things may be correct in some parts of the statement but not in total but more importantly just because something is done one way does not mean its correct or efficient. I would prefer law enforcement to be answerable to the people as an elected position and not as appointed by city or county managers. In most counties the sheriffs perfo all of Leo functions including traffic they have the powers to do so. IMHO we should look at how to deliver things better and more efficient always
Mike Boyce April 24, 2012 at 02:35 AM
The Cobb Police and Sheriff Departments, although both have law enforcement responsibilities, differ in many ways in executing their responsibilities. There may be efficiencies derived at the logistical level but we would have to take a close look at any other area. I am in favor of delaying the TSPLOST for 2 years until the Alternative Analysis is completed and we have definition about the $689 million placeholder for the Enhanced Premium Transit Service. Would you give your money to anyone unless you knew what you were actually buying? The degree of code and zoning enforcement may be affected by the fact that the departments that are responsible for these actions are understaffed. We'll take a close look at this should the voters elect me chairman. Cobb has some medium density areas in Cobb but the overall density of the County is roughly 2.3 people per acre. You make a good point that there is a median property value (about $240K) to generate the taxes to fund county services for that home. This fact should be considered in land use decisions. One of my greatest concerns about the TSPLOST is that it does not cover many of the transportation issues identified in earlier studies like the 2008 Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Moreover it will be politically difficult, given the current economic climate, of convincing voters to renew a 1% sales tax, even if it was not a SPLOST, to continue to fund operations and maintenance of our transportation system.


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