The Key Difference Between Lake and Other Judge Candidates

The election is a month away from voting in our next State Court Judge for Division II, Post 2. Personally, it has been an exciting journey that began in 2011.

The election is a month away from voting in our next State Court Judge for Division II, Post 2!  Personally, it has been an exciting journey that began in 2011, when I learned the current sitting judge would be vacating his seat for another office.  I firmly believe I am the candidate best qualified to fill this vacancy, protect your rights and keep our neighborhoods free from crime. I work each and every day to demonstrate that. 

On a daily basis, I explain to Cobb residents how important it is for judges to demonstrate that they have the capabilities to uphold the Constitution, fairly and effectively apply the law in the courtroom, and keep Cobb County safe. These responsibilities are fundamental to the nature of the job.  Should a judge come up short in any one of these responsibilities, it is ultimately the residents of our county that suffer.  We must rely on the courts to be impartial arbiters of justice and furthermore, the courts have a sacred responsibility to meet that expectation. 

As a voter, you have a decision to make.  You have a choice of four candidates that all appear to say similar things and how important their background is to you in earning your vote.  I do not question the background and experience of my opponents in this election.  I have nothing but the utmost professional respect for each one of them; however, in terms of this job as judge, there is one key detail that differentiates me. 

I am the only candidate who explains the specific responsibilities of a State Court Judge. 

I have consistently shared my dedication to the founding principles of liberty and freedom in this country and how being admitted to practice law before the United State Supreme Court is a reflection of those capabilities.  Only a small number of attorneys in this country are admitted to practice before the nine most important jurists in our system of government.  Given the opportunity to serve, your Constitutional rights will always be respected and protected.  It is a promise not made by any other candidate in this election besides myself and that clearly demonstrates who has a principled commitment to the Constitution. 

Additionally, I have shared how residents can rely on me to create a fair and effective courtroom too. As an Assistant District Attorney, my job was to enforce the laws through criminal prosecution.  Since starting my own law practice, I spent just as much time in the courtroom as a defense attorney as I did as a prosecutor.  Every day I am in front of judges representing individuals that rely on the courts to function fairly and effectively.  I know what works and what does not.  Again, in all the talk of courtroom experience, I am the only candidate that describes why that is important to citizens.  Citizens need to trust that your judges know how to hold offenders accountable to the law and, at the same time, demonstrate the capability to be fair and impartial in every decision.  Resumes are nice to read but do nothing in a courtroom when difficult decisions need to be made.  Principles matter in those times and I have a commitment to the principles that justice demands; to treat every person with the respect they deserve when they appear before the bench. 

Finally, I consistently explain why Cobb County residents can rely on me to be a judge who will do what is necessary to preserve safe communities.  As a private attorney, I co-founded an organization that works with young offenders who have alcohol or drug related charges, gain the necessary skills to stay off the streets and out of jails.  As a prosecutor, I ensured that violent felons were put behind bars where they belong.  Courts can impose mandatory treatment for non-violent alcohol and drug offenders without taking up prison space.  Once again, I am the only candidate that has had the vision and focus to explain how these decisions have an effect on all of us.  Given this, Cobb County law enforcement officers have endorsed my candidacy after thoroughly reviewing the backgrounds and judicial philosophies of all four candidates.  Once again, principles were the differentiating factor. 

When you consider your choices for State Court Judge, ask yourself three basic questions and remember the answer to each of them. 

Who will defend the Constitutional rights I enjoy?  Marsha Lake. 

Who will fairly and effectively apply the law?  Marsha Lake. 

Who can fight to keep Cobb County safe?  Marsha Lake. 

Again, you have choices, but make sure those choices count.  My name is Marsha Lake and I am the principled candidate that seeks more than getting elected to a political position.  I am here to defend your Constitutional rights and guarantee that your courtroom is a fair and impartial venue for everyone who appears before the bench.  I am asking for your vote because our principles demand that our elected officials stand up with more than a resume.

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Dr. Lou Hilliard July 03, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Go Marsha!
Justin Ove July 03, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Dr. Hilliard, Thanks for your comment! Would you feel comfortable sharing your reasons for supporting Marsha Lake? Best, Justin Ove
cheneyche December 03, 2012 at 08:31 AM
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