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Here's an opportunity for free training and information on the work of educational policy, politics and becoming or supporting an elected official.

Remember all the robust conversation about East Cobb over representation? Low voter turnout in Cobb cities like Smyrna? The constant mention that our “leadership is not representative,” “the board of elections is controlled by incumbents...,” etc. etc.

There is generally so much cynicism and pot shots about elected officials one would wonder why every single election doesn’t go uncontested. My hope is built on an idea that those who wish to serve the public interest, do so with selfless intent to serve others. Even better, that we discover, support, vote for, and elect officials who by their natural calling, serve in spite of office. 

As one who believes in the benefit of free market economies, contested elections for school board to state representatives aid the vetting process. I’ve said in previous blogs, we need more people, with demonstrated clarity of commitment, and ability to serve to run for offices. A good friend and municipal leader recently shared that if “local” control is what citizens want, you can’t get much more local than personal action. Faith, belief, desire, faith, and wit matched with action is what Smyrna needs. Who hasn't said to themselves, "how in the heck did that person get elected?" Let’s get out of the gallery and into the game!

The American Federation for Children is putting on a Campaign Training School on Friday, April 20, 2012, at the Hilton Garden Inn—Atlanta Downtown from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Space is limited. Please RSVP by Tuesday, April 10 by using the registration link at www.VictoryForChildren.org.

If you do miss this opportunity, there will be others coordinated in Cobb around Metro-Atlanta. At the Educational Roundtable last month, the group agreed to create an Education Voters Guide and Panel Discussions for the upcoming November Elections. The next Education Roundtable is Saturday, April 28, time and location TBA.  Rather than a partisan PAC, the Education Roundtable will be a “cause education” informative and skill delivering political action network. We need your input on our ideological mission. At that meeting the agenda will include information on how to run for various education related posts. The people I met at that meeting further inspired my commitment to work to improve education in Cobb along with others equally committed. The people there were already volunteering in schools one way or another. Check back on this website for updates. I hope you will join us.

Why It’s Important to Be Politically Engaged

The focus of American Federation of Children’s Campaign School will be on empowering strategists, advocates, activists, parents and generally pro education reform people to step up in leadership. With the school choice legislation recently passed, Georgians will be looking to elected officials, school board leaders, PTA officers, and even grocery store cashiers to explain some of the complexities.  Improving education will be challenged by many stakeholders of the status quo. Assessing information from many sources and learning to critique what we hear is key. Nothing beats getting into the action and seeing things for yourself.

Per Adam Rogalski, “Even if you are not registered to run for office, but have wondered how to run a political campaign or are interested in helping someone, this school is for you, too! At the campaign training school, you’ll not only learn from experts about the basics of how to run a successful campaign for public office, you’ll also learn about how to effectively communicate about school choice policy and educational choice to voters and the news media.”

For more information about their training schools, contact Adam at 517-214-4990 or e-mail him at ARogalski@federationforchildren.org.

As Always. Remember..If we want smaller government, we have to become bigger people!


Leo Smith

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Mike Holzknecht April 12, 2012 at 02:46 AM
Vouchers, that is, public money taken from Walton and Wheeler High Schools and diverted to an out of state extreme political organization. You have to go to http://www.federationforchildren.org/facts to see the word "Vouchers". Even in conservative East Cobb, voucher is not the kind of word that gets much support, so they are a little shy about saying what they mean. I spent 7 years in a private religious school. My parents did it the old fashioned way. They paid for my tuition without asking their neighbors to help out by reducing their support for our towns public school system. A strong public school system is the foundation for our democracy, the backbone of our economic system, and the hope for our future. Vouchers don't support any of these.
Leo Smith April 12, 2012 at 03:17 AM
For what it's worth, Walton High School is a public CHARTER school. Thanks for caring enough to comment. Vouchers are not on the table in Georgia. Facts about current legislative issues going to November referendums in Georgia please see HB797 which clearly states that funds can't be reduced to traditional publics, and HR 1162. Here's a summary related to the issue of "public money taken" - "The state funding for the schools would be a program of QBE and the state charters would get QBE earnings plus a proportional share of categorical grants (except equalization) plus the average amount of local revenue raised per FTE in the bottom 3% of systems ranked by wealth per FTE using the ranking of the current equalization formula. So the added amount paid by the state would be based on the poorest districts in the state, and there is no mention of any deduction against local districts."


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