Are Private Sewing Lessons Better for You or Your Child?

Sewing is back thanks to the sewing projects on HGTV. Some adults/children are so smart that they get bored waiting for the other students to finish.

Sewing is coming back, thanks to the sewing design show on HGTV. Sewing is a good thing for adults and children to learn. It allows them to be able to release their creativity. Both children and adult feel such a feeling of satisfaction when they have completed their sewing project. It is great for the self-esteem, too!

Learning how to sew might just be the most satisfying skill you have ever learned. There is no limit to what you can design and create. Think of the money you can save by sewing all of the decor needs that you have in your home! Or, by sew original projects and give them as gifts and to be able to sell them to others.

I have been a sewing instructor and Window Treatment Specialist for many years.
In my experience, some adults and children fit great in a sewing class. They enjoy the group setting and are excited to share their projects with others in their class. Sometimes great friendships are established in a sewing class!

There is a negative side to attending a sewing class. I have found that some adults and children learn so quickly that they get bored waiting for the other students in the class to catch up with what they have finished five minutes ago. Most of the time, the sewing teacher will show the students the first step to create the project that they are all making.

After all of the students have completed that step it will be time to move onto the next step. Some students catch on to sewing so quickly and are so excited about their accomplishments that they want to continue on to the next step of the sewing project immediately. They get so frustrated that they have to wait on others to finish that they do not want to go back to the sewing class anymore.

That same student may never know how talented he or she really is because they were not in the right learning environment. He or she is the perfect person for private sewing lessons. The student has the opportunity to learn and accomplish as FAST or as SLOW as they want to. It is awesome to see my sewing student smiling as he or she accomplishes each step of the project being worked on. Another great thing about attending private sewing lessons is the student is allowed to choose the project he or she would like to make.

Some adults or parents have shied away from private sewing lessons because the
think they are too expensive. They really are not as expensive as you think they are. Knowing that you or your child will have a better chance of sticking to sewing because of the individual attention you will receive is worth the money. You will love the smile on your face when you are learning the creative skill of your choice!

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Emily July 04, 2012 at 07:07 PM
I agree with the article’s author, sewing is a great skill to possess. However, it is my opinion that a child must first be interested in learning how to sew or taking a sewing class before being placed in such a class. Whether it is sewing, swimming, soccer, etc., if the child has no interest in the subject, the child may resent having to participate; or the child may participate only to please someone else, i.e., parents, grandparents, teacher, etc.; or the child may participate simply to gain attention. On the other hand, if the child is somewhat interested in the subject matter and discovers that he/she truly enjoys participating; one might discover that the child has a “gift” – a “gift” that can be explored.
Debra Williams July 05, 2012 at 05:29 PM
I too have been sewing for many, many years. My parents (Dad and Mom) sewed our dresses, with three girls on a preacher's salary it was the best thing. I'm forever grateful for my parents passing down this talent. Although I never sewed as a teenager, and swore I never would - I LOVE IT! If we would mentor our girls, show them the basics of how anything they wish to sew is made and then take it to the next step to teach them how to 'glam it up' it wouldn't take long for them to become interested. I've sewn many wedding dresses, entire wedding party ensembles, curtains, etc. and most of my own clothes and hope to be able to pass it along to family one day. There are also hand sewn projects that are a huge dying art. Yo-Yo bedspreads, for example, were made umpteen years ago and you rarely see them anymore. I was taught by a neighbor and to this day will use my scrap cloth to make those circles, which cost $4 and up at your sewing and craft stores. Crocheting and knitting are also a dying art. I love making baby blankets (I don't have any babies around) and just donating them to non-profits who helps families with newborns. I'd love to see us use our talents to help those less fortunate. Yes, that's my Utopia world!
Jan Britt July 05, 2012 at 08:45 PM
You are so right! Sometimes an adult or child will buy a sewing machine so they can join in on the sewing classes. After the adult or child gives it a try they might love it or hate it. Sometimes, they decide they are not really as interested in sewing as they thought they would be. If they are taking private lessons they do not have to buy a sewing machine right away. That way they can test it out their sewing desires and make sure that sewing is going to be fun and creative for the student. No money lost if they do not like it.
Jan Britt July 05, 2012 at 08:48 PM
What great parents you have! You were able to have "custom sewn clothing" that fit you perfect. I am so glad they passed down such a creative talent to you and your family. You are one awesome person who is using your talents to help others!


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