New Beginnings at the Pavilions

J. Christopher's is opening a location at the East Lake-area retail center; what else would you like to see there?

One of East Cobb's most expansive shopping centers is getting an encouraging endorsement from new businesses. 

The Pavilions at East Lake, located on Roswell Road at Robinson Road West, has long been anchored by a . 

In recent weeks, J. Christopher's placed a sign in the long-vacant space formerly occupied by a Smith Ace hardware store that it will open its third breakfast-and-lunch restaurant in East Cobb, to go with locations on and . 

The arrival of J. Christopher's is a welcome sign at a retail center that still has quite a bit of small store space available. 

The restaurant, which will take up more than 16,000 square feet, will be located near a recently opened Star Pizza; long-time Pavilions shoppers will remember the  not visible to traffic in a nearby space and that eventually decamped for Parkaire Landing.

The Pavilions has nearly 158,000 square feet, with eateries driving a good bit of business, including ,  and . 

What's missing from the Pavilions at East Lake? What shops, stores or services would you like to see there? Tell us in the comments section.


The Pavilions has lost other businesses to other areas of East Cobb, including the Lockheed Federal Credit Union, now at the Providence Square Shopping Center.

After the store moved to a smaller space near Kroger several years ago, the College Station Sports Store opened. Likewise for a which moved from the main building to a freestanding structure in front of the Pavilions and that once contained a Wolf Camera store.

Other notable businesses at the Pavilions are a , ,  and .

Most of the available space at the Pavilions is for smaller shops and stores. 

M Greenfield May 30, 2012 at 09:39 PM
It's a wonder ANY of the businesses survived the construction on Roswell Road & Robinson Road. Maybe a few of the current tenants should consider suing the DOT over the constant delays! How many times do we see 1 man working while 4 others are standing still watching??


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