Southern Recipes Can Make Good Holiday Gifts

Southern Cheese Straws are among the delicacies suggested by a New York Times article. Add yours.

Savory Southern recipes can make good holiday gifts, and The New York Times knows it.

Times reporter Kim Severson, based in Atlanta, has posted an article with some recipes that she intends to give to friends during the season. The article is based on a friendly professional rivalry that Severson has with fellow food critic Julia Moskin.

"America has fallen in love with the broad and delicious culinary canon down here, so these gifts will make you seem current. I also wanted to offer recipes that were easy to make in large quantities, sturdy enough to deliver in handsome packages and, mostly, wonderful to eat," Severson writes in the Times.

She particularly is fond of the pecan recipe.

"Walk into the home of a gracious Southern host and likely some version of a tricked-out pecan will be on the table," Severson writes.

Her recipes are:

-- Of course, there are many other Southern residents who have holiday recipes of their own. And we want you to add those here.


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