East Cobb Author Writes Suspense Novel

"Followed" is the latest from former Kennesaw State teacher Elaine Dauber Thornton.

East Cobb resident Elaine Dauber Thornton wrote a mystery for her students at Kennesaw State University a decade ago. Now she has written one for a wider audience.

Her recent book, "Followed," is a contemporary suspense, taking place in 2010.  Katie Hutchinson is being followed and she can’t figure out why. At first, she ignores them, but as the perpetrators become more unrelenting, Katie is forced into seclusion, interrupting her budding romance.

Enter Prescott Spencer, a tyrannical patriarch, accustomed to getting his way.  With resources aplenty to pursue his target, Prescott is determined to find his adopted granddaughter’s birthparents. 

This must happen by her 16th birthday. With this deadline driving their quest, the unscrupulous investigators he hires believe the hair samples they collect will prove paternity.  If not, they will figure out how to get blood samples.

Check the reviews on www.Amazon.com.

Followed may be ordered online at www.createspace.com/3945930 or at www.amazon.com/ElaineDauberThornton/Followed

Followed also is available for Kindle or as a 322-page paperback. The ISBN is 978-1479104871.


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