Hail Storm Hits East Cobb

Inch-size hail swept through neighborhoods and trees and power lines were reported down Thursday night.

Thunderstorms came and left East Cobb quickly early Thursday night, but they left some memorable souvenirs. 


As large as quarters and an inch wide, according to various reports from readers and weather outlets. 

It was fast, and it was furious. 

East Cobb Patch reader Nancy Riley sent in the photo above of hail in the Lake Fjord neighborhood, in the Timber Ridge area of East Cobb. 

Another East Cobb resident, Jake Hill of Converse Court, told WSB TV Thursday night that a tree fell on the master bedroom of his home just as his daughter was lying down, but she got out without injury. 

Tricia Callahan, who lives in Heritage Trace, posted the accompanying videos of hail pounding the barbecue grill her back yard. 

"When I went outside after it was over, my neighborhood smelled like Christmas," she told East Cobb Patch. "I thought it was interesting that the news did not 'break in' and warn us about this storm."

The storm raced through Cobb and Roswell, and through south Cherokee and Forsyth County, also leaving some people without electricity for a time on Thursday evening. 

If you have any photos, video footage or eyewitness reports of storm damage in your community, please add it to the article and in the comments section. 

More storms could be on the way today, and likely as scattered as they were on Thursday, according to WSB TV meteorologist Karen Minton. 


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