East Cobb Moms Talk About Valentine's Day

How does this little celebration add meaning to a loving relationship?

East Cobb moms Yvette Briere and Vickie Batson recently talked about what Valentine’s Day means to them and why they look forward to this time with their soulmates.

Yvette is a stay-at-home mother of one toddler and one second-grader. She and her husband Bill have been married for nearly 10 years. Vickie, who is a recent transplant to East Cobb from Cleveland, Ohio, is the mother of three young boys. She and husband Mark have been married for 14 years.

East Cobb Patch asked:

Q: Are you and your soulmate doing anything special for this Valentine’s Day?

Yvette Briere: We’re not doing anything on the actual day, since it’s on Monday, but two weeks later, we’re going up to my sister-in-law's lake house in Nantahala Lake in Andrews, N.C. Just the two of us. It gets colder up there, so we’ll stay in, light a fire, and just hang out together.

Vickie Batson:  For the kids, I usually do a snack or dessert for school. I’ll probably do something like brownies this year with red hots candy on top. But for my husband, I traditionally plan a specific dinner for Mark because he loves good food.

Q: Why do anything at all for Valentine’s Day? How does it enhance your relationship?

Yvette Briere: You have to keep the fires going. As parents, we’re holding the family together, and if both of you are unhappy, the rest of the family isn’t going to be happy. And when you get too busy sometimes you can grow apart.

Vickie Batson: It’s fun to look forward to. It’s not that you’re not thankful every day for your spouse, but to have a day specially set aside to show your appreciation is great.

A lot of people just don’t have someone to share that with. I take it as a blessing. I don’t take it for granted at all. I love it. And I know some people say it’s just about selling candy and cards, but I don’t care what it’s for. It’s something extra special for us to celebrate our union.

Q: Aside from this holiday, are there times when you get away from mom duties to enjoy time with your significant other?

Yvette Briere: When we first had kids, we didn’t get to go anywhere or do anything. Now, at least once a month we try to go out for dinner and spend time together. My husband is very busy with his business, German Auto Repair, and he manages a staff of 13 people. So he’s really busy and we look forward to just spending time together. Even if it’s just half a day away from the kids and work.

Vickie Batson: We do attempt to have a couples’ night out about once a month. In Cleveland, we were involved in a lot of social obligations like business networking meetings and other things. One thing about coming here is that our social responsibilities are slowed down, so there’s more time just for the two of us.

Mark is a morning person, so quite often, in the early morning hours, we’ll just get up and just sit in the family room and talk for hours. That’s kind of special. You’ve got to make time for each other. You can’t make everything surrounding your kids or you’ll miss the biggest part of it. So we make a way.

We’re both very spontaneous. And it doesn’t hurt that my in-laws and my parents will celebrate over 50 years together in June. Our anniversary is in June, too, right in between theirs. And if they can do it, we should be able to, shouldn’t we?

We have good role models. We’re anchored with solid marital relationships, and as long as we choose to emulate that, we’ll be okay.

Q: Are there places in East Cobb where you enjoy special times together?

Yvette Briere: We like going to and . Also, we really like . That’s a real treat for us.

Vickie Batson: When we go out, we get to eat whatever we want, not just what the kids want. I love the service and the atmosphere at . And our new favorite is . In Cleveland, there are a lot of good Chinese restaurants, and here Hong Kong Star on Lower Roswell is great. The food is just good, whether you carry out or choose delivery.


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