A Prelude to the Holidays

Thanksgiving is still more than a week away, but plenty of events are on tap this week to get you in a festive mood -- without overdoing it.

If the cold temperatures weren't enough of a reminder that the holiday season will soon be upon us, there a number of activities and events in East Cobb and Marietta this week will do more than provide a hint. 

On Sunday we posted several Thanskgiving-themed items, starting with the 's 7th annual  on Thursday. 

East Cobb Patch columnist Rob Maynard, a congregant at the East Cobb synagogue and a member of the service's coordinating committee, thinks it's the perfect way to properly regard the season, crossing across religious and cultural lines in an effort to gain a better understanding of our community. 

I attended and wrote about and can vouch for the blending of faith traditions that are presented. The music alone underscores the beauty and magic of a time of year that is too often overshadowed by commercial imperatives. 

Pets needing loving homes is a year-round concern for those running shelters. Patch pet columnist Vicki Hammond, who's utterly devoted to ensuring that cats and dogs at the Cobb Animal Shelter are adopted, presented an adorable "Pilgrim Cats" photo presentation in that ought to make them even more irresistible to feline fanciers. 

And if you're interested in helping out Marietta-based MUST Ministries for the holiday season, there's still time to register for the that takes place on Thanksgiving Day. As we reported , you don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to enter -- you can walk as well as run, all for helping local families in need. 

On Tuesday, East Cobb Patch will be unveiling our Holiday Guide, a page where you can find resources, news and information about seasonal events in the community. 

For now it will focus on Thanksgiving festivities and observances, but as the season progresses you'll find it an indispensable guide to making the most out of the holidays in East Cobb. 

So please stay tuned! 


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