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Christine July 08, 2014 at 06:25 PM
I honestly believe their is so much hate against Justin Harris because so many feel the torturedRead Morepai n of that innocent child so strongly. I believe for an entire country to feel this way so shortly after a child's death, that is enough proof for me. A person that is a killer is Not like in a Movie. Real people have feelings. The reality of a murderer is a person who has a mental problem, struggles with them, And has never seeked helped for their issues. Ignores their illness which then leads to wrong doings. That is a murderer. It is Sad and happens all the time, but None the less This man is a cold hearted Murder by Fact. Justin Harris was Not a good father as he is made out to be prior to this. It would've been better to actually light the damn car on fire instead of letting a person die this way. Both ways could be "unintentional" or "accidental" . Nobody forgets their child 2 minutes after having breakfast with them. Which is when Justin Harris decided which way to turn, going left or right? Justin went the way to work Not to the child's daycare! Nobody forgets their child all day, especially when the child is strapped in the center of his SUV! Not deaf, gotta be nearly damn blind! This Father fed his baby boy his last meal thinking, "his last meal should be a good one." Instead what he did was give Cooper his last meal giving him the extra energy to fight for his life. The extra energy to live through a tortured death. It would've been better to feed the child extra children Tylenol instead of breakfast!!! Fathers are supposed to protect their children. People if YOU'RE struggling with any mental issue, Seek help! Whether it be Anger, drugs, alcohol, Depression... It's ok we are all crazy and Majority of us need the help! Including myself. That is what Drs are for.
Faulke Yue July 09, 2014 at 01:20 PM
he had breakfast with Cooper..then put him in the car seat for the 30 second drive to work...and in Read Morethat aount of time he completely forgot the child was there..?? get real...guy is a murdering loser along with his stupid wife...
Laura Ferlet July 09, 2014 at 04:52 PM
I just read that surveillance footage shows him sitting in the car for 30 seconds in the morning,Read Morebe fore reaching to the backseat to grab his work bag. Really?! Yet another "missed" opportunity. Get real. That is not realistic. You don't reach back and NOT see your child, or at least remember them! And what about Coopers diaper bag? All children have a diaper bag at 2 years old. How did that not serve as a reminder, unless you're just ignoring it. I also read that just 6 weeks before the incident, the family had purchased a front facing car seat because Cooper had outgrown the old seat. And yet switched back to the old seat in the few weeks leading up to his death. SERIOUSLY?! It was noted that Coopers head showed above the old car seat. And that Ross would have seen him when using his rear view mirror when backing into his parking spot. He also passed a nearby parking spot to park further away near a grassy area and one other car. This is ridiculous. I could understand one thing pointing towards guilt, and them having an explanation. But this case has way too many unexplainable occurrences. It just gets worse and worse.
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